Pet Friendly Interiors? There is a Method in My Madness!

YOU Can Choose Your Flooring to "work" with your pet's color tones

Ely is just hanging out...

Have you even thought about YOUR WOOD FLOORING complimenting your pet and vice versa?

WOW, it can be mind boggling unless you start to make these decisions with your function, your look, and your design in mind.  And I admit that I chose my wood floor for the character, the color and the uniqueness of it, but also because we have a Yellow Lab, Ely.  His shedding hair doesn’t show up nearly as much on the golden tone Hickory floors as much and they are so beautiful that they take everyone’s breath away.   Also, they are a nice compliment to my dark furniture tones and cabinetry throughout the house…..  I have a lot of black incorporated in my interiors and the black knot holes and casual appearance give our home a real comfortable feel.


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