Football Season

I know that it sounds crazy, but I’ve been a football fanatic since the first game I attended @ Sanford Stadium in 1972….Over the years, my love for football has evolved and it has become one of my passions, pursuing more opportunities every year.  Football, especially GEORGIA football, is a part of our family’s traditional fall time together.  Our FALL revolves around the HOME team schedule…..

My GrillMaster
Tailgating on the UGA Campus

David and I are tailgating with great BULLDOG friends!

David loves to serve as The Grill Master

I will continue to share updates with sports because we do LOVE and participate in many sports opportunities!

November games are really more serious on the schedule….and it gets intense! We have lots of fun!

Adding a little salt and pepper!

Season it up!

On our way...

Noah and Brian ready for the GAME

Football 101 for Women

Football 101 for Women Picture Opportunities

Noah as the Wolverine

Noah on his Middle School Team is a Wolverine

Yes, we love the FALL, a favorite time of the year because of FOOTBALL!


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