Are you Naughty or Nice?

“Are You Naughty or Nice with Decorating?”
by Columbia (Cumby) Hammock-Cobb

Do your Holiday decorations have curb appeal?  Do you give your front door decorations much thought?  What about placement of your tree(s)?  A lot of houses work hard to place the tree in the front windows but are they placed so that you can enjoy it too?  Or maybe you have more than 1 tree?  One for the window and one for the family to enjoy….

I think this goes back to the subject of making that GRAND Entrance in a previous newsletter (click here). The same mentality applies here with personalizing your decorations to fit your personality, your architecture, and making a statement all at the same time.  AND your decorations should be pretty in the daytime as well as “punchy” at night, with spotlights.

THAT doesn’t mean that you have to use the “Chevy Chase mentality” with so many lights on the house that it causes an electric surge and beams a light to the North Pole.  Don’t worry, Santa will find you if you’ve been nice!

When we were thinking about the wiring of our house, I even thought about placement of the Christmas decorations at our front door and side door and their electrical needs.  One of the nicest things ever invented was the timer for exterior lighting and interior lighting so that they automatically “think” for you!

THE popularity of more lights incorporated in your decorating has also raised some safety issues.  Please be safe with your lighting for your exterior and your interior.  You don’t need to plug in more than 3 light strings end to end to be assured that the fuse won’t blow and using new extension cords that have multiple electrical options is a good idea.

Also, “theming” your tree is so much fun…I have decorated a tree that has a Peppermint or Candy Cane theme
A tree that has a color scheme for a theme is clever too….red and green or red, gold and glitz or purple and gold, or gold and white

I love Family Trees that reflect the ornaments collected over the years….from construction paper ornaments that your 30 year old made in 1st grade for an art project to memorable places you’ve visited to hand crafted ornaments made with tender loving care with “you” in mind.

This special ornament was made by “Miss Dorothy” for me – it has a picture of my mom and dad on their 50th Anniversary in it, and embroidered on the back with the wedding date and anniversary date.  Miss Dorothy has passed away, but her legacy lives on in this ornament. She made several of these – one for Mama and Daddy’s tree, one for my sister’s tree and one for my daughter’s tree. She was such a talented woman and made such beautiful things for all of us.  She was like a 2nd mom to me and one of my mom’s best friends! Her daughter, Deana, and I have been best friends since we were 5 and 4 years old.  I miss Miss Dorothy but think of her often with such treasures as this in my life…..

AND there are great ways to display some of your collectibles as a grouping on smaller trees throughout your house, if you have the space.

I love small trees of all kinds.  I made this one in a ceramic shop about 33 years ago!  It’s still timeless and is very special to me….

My friend, Debbie Jacobs, who is a designer talks about her mini trees in her house…and she has a Georgia Dawg tree!  How fun is that?

I have a friend who has a collection of Santas that number around 150 that she displays all through her house every year!  WOW, these are an awesome addition to her Christmas decorations.  AND a client that I decorate for in her home as Nutcracker Collection that is awesome!  AND her ornament collection is fabulous too!

As I mentioned in a previous newsletter, simply move some of your decorations around to different places to change it up a bit or even combine it with other new additions to your collection.  You will like it to be noticed more by you and your guests and I promise that you will get compliments on it, with comments like “is this new?”  or “where did you buy this, I love it” when you’ve had it a part of your decorations for a decade!  SHHH!  Don’t spill the beans if you don’t want to let anyone know the secret!  Just adding some perks by changing out a dated ribbon or faded berries can make a lot of difference in the overall look.  One of my clients told me today that she had so many compliments on her Christmas decorations this year….funny thing is that it’s the same as in years past but we did a little “fluffing” and changing the look up a bit!  See, it works!


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