Creating Christmas Cards….

“Christmas Cards in the Making”
by Columbia (Cumby) Hammock-Cobb

Do you love sending Christmas cards?  Just where do you fit in?

Some people I know are so organized with this task every year.  I know one person, a client of mine, who sits down on Thanksgiving night and addresses all of their Christmas card greetings and has them in the mail on the next day – Friday!  It’s a ritual that happens every year.  And then I also know that there are some people who don’t bother at all….and never get a card in the mail!

But, for some reason I feel that cards have become more popular these last few years.  Maybe people need to reconnect more with this “old fashioned tradition” or maybe people just enjoy the Christmas greeting.

We enjoy sending Christmas cards to friends and family that we don’t see on a regular basis…in other words, reconnecting with people who have special places in our lives but we don’t see them very often.  The internet, email and Facebook have filled that void a little for me this past year and I have reconnected with many people, some on a daily basis!  Technology and communication is getting more sophisticated and easier to “keep up” with each other.

AND for years…we have sent our Christmas cards out the week between Christmas and New Years because that seems to be the time that works best for us.  You see, it’s a production to send out our cards…we write a letter to bring everyone up to date with the children and with us. It’s a tradition that we started when we got married 15 years ago.  David and I enjoy composing our letter, then the group effort of actually signing cards, folding letters to enclose in cards, stuffing envelopes and addressing takes some serious time but it’s worth it!  Noah has now been pulled into the effort with his “stuffing skills” now that he’s old enough, too.

OH, and wait a minute.  I forgot that we take a “family picture” to enclose in the Christmas card too!  How could I forget that important part because that can be the toughest part of the task!  It’s almost impossible to get a Christmas 2008picture of us with all the kids – the last time that happened was over 2 years ago when Natalie was pregnant with Reese (only days before she was born) when we were all at a football game and gathered at Natalie & Ed’s house for the “Kodak moment” at the front porch.  Last year, as in some other year’s past, we used the timer on the camera because we were lacking the photographer!

So, with this in mind, we decided to take our picture in our new house right at the mantle/fireplace area with it rather “roughed in”.  It was a very cold day and it took us several tries to get a good shot with Ely’s cooperation lacking (he was more interested in sniffing around than posing and we got really tickled) – THANK GOD for digital cameras in case you need to “do over”.  With last year’s picture in mind, we want to take a picture this year with the before and after in mind, now that we are in the new house!

more about Christmas cards:


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