A HOT Tip for COLD Feet!

But Baby, it’s COLD Outside!  We’ve heard that familiar tune quite a bit over the last month….

Do you have COLD FEET? Apprehension about making a decision or just have cold floors?  Maybe I can help you with this decision….with warm advice.

With more and more luxurious bathrooms in our interiors, the trend is to have bigger “spa like” space, especially in the Master Bath area. What about the temperature in the bathroom and how is it affected?  Well, it’s very cool to cold, which could be a very nice quality in the Summer with the heat but in the winter, it can really be uncomfortable…..down right COLD!

I can speak from experience because in our last home, with expanded and remodeled our interiors by “bumping out the back”. In this big renovation was the Master Bath and it was about 9 years ago.  At the time, we decided NOT to add underfloor radiant heat because it was not so affordable and it was not really something we knew much about at the time.  BAD MISTAKE on our part!  We probably paid for it (and then some) with the electrical (and additional) oscillating heater that we had to purchase and add into our space to keep that room warm in the winter! DUH!

You see, this type of heating design has been around a long time – dating back to Roman Empire, some 2000 years ago. Of course, they didn’t have electricity but there design was smart enough to use a channel system under the floor that was heated by wood burning heated air.  Well, the system works great even though it’s been designed much more efficiently for today’s world and is very energy efficient too….a sustainable product.

You install this system under stone floors with a programmable thermostat that will heat the floor only when you want it. THIS helps to lower the central heat and be comfortable all at the same time.  AND there’s no noise of the heat turning on and off or a blowing fan.  The only way you know it’s working well is to experience this wonderful addition with your feet on a cold morning!  It does heat the entire bathroom quite nicely and not just your feet!

You see, we now know first hand that radiant heat works!
We installed the under floor radiating heat to our newly constructed home in our Master Bathroom and are really appreciating it with our cold temps these days!  Our thermostat is programmed with the times that we are in our bathroom and it’s nice for our feet on cold winter mornings! This is not something that can be added later but needs to be installed correctly at the time of your stone installation by an “expert” in this area and hard wired into your electrical system.

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