5 Inspirations for YOUR Collections!

“5 Inspirations For Your Collections!”
by Cumby Hammock-Cobb

Do you have collections that are tucked away instead of displayed in your home?  Well, it’s a shame to hide such collections when you could create such a wonderful conversation piece!

One of my very first clients, in the Atlanta area over 20 years ago, had a wonderful “stash” of leaded glass pieces all stacked up in her basement.  She was a little “ticked” about the fact that she even had them in that her husband had purchased them in a “bidding opportunity” at a fund raising event with much liquid courage at a high price tag…..if you get the picture here.

When I proposed hanging these pieces – all different sizes and each with their own artistic quality – as a collage of her collection over her sofa, she was ecstatic and even cried when I finished!  She had such a treasure for years in her basement and didn’t even know it!

What constitutes a collection?  The definition is: A set of items or objects procured or gathered together by a person, group, or other agent and that’s pretty good to apply to our purposes here!  Collections are large and small….and can cover a lot of area in each person’s eyes….

  1. “Collections” can be almost anything that you pull together or that you have an abundance of that may not have started out as a collection. Others may have even added to your collection….that may have been gifts that NOW constitute a collection.  They could be a “table top” display of boxes that can also be used to reduce clutter.
    Old boxes collected over many years that now are displayed on the cocktail table….one can even hold the remote control!
  2. “Collections” may even be reflected as a theme in a room….like these interiors. Anne loves ROOSTERS in her house! They can be found in the window treatment fabric, wrought iron light fixtures, fabulous accessories, and in the toile wallpaper in the powder room, just a step away from the kitchen!  And even more….

    Roosters can also be found in the fabric with a chicken wire background and on the lamp atop the antique chest…..

    A wall sconce and chandelier with the wrought iron Rooster theme add to this collection
  3. Or beach themed accessories? This is a broader way of using that underlying collections from the sea that include all kinds of opportunities for your creating the character throughout your home!

    Just a little peak into the sea creature collection…. displayed in a custom designed built in.
    photo by AWH Photo

    Glass floaters – a collection displayed in a clear jar display….
    photo by AWH Photo

    Of course, you can go overboard with the theme too….but very tastefully accessorized, it is a great way to display your interests, AND to be a focal point in your interiors!

  4. Your “Art Collection” may just be getting started with a recent “find” or a new interest! It could be a great piece of artwork by an artist that you admire such as a “Penley” that may be the “start of your collection” or maybe you enjoy several artists all at the same time!

    It’s a “Penley”….starting the collection of a favorite artist

    Antique Botanical Collection used as a Gallery Collection….
    by AWH Photo

  5. Or maybe your collections are all about some antique or gently used pieces that you’ve inherited or admired or purchased. And you can display it as “artwork” without your collection becoming junky and over stated.

Share a “little bit” of you as part of your interior to create the character that reflects your lifestyle and passions!


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