Organize It!

by Cumby Hammock-Cobb

ORGANIZE IT tools run the distance, depending on your needs…

Whether it’s your office, your kitchen cabinets, or your laundry room, the chaos that you create there intrudes into your life unless you are savvy with using the spaces to the max.
But the key is to keep it organized!  THIS is the time of year that everyone is more interested and excited about getting into “shape” with our bodies and our surroundings!

Take dead space and turn it into useable space that you will use in a major way!
A helpful hint is to take out your pen and paper and make you a priority list of areas that need your attention.  Then start to make that space workable with solutions….and check it off your list as you go.  What a sense of accomplishment and taking that baggage off your shoulders on putting it on the shelf!

Is it technology ideas that are on your list?
A recharging station in this day and age is also needed.  There are several out there in the retail world – Pottery Barn has several that work out great!  We use ours, for sure….and it hides lots of unsightly wires as a BONUS.

AND more and more furniture that has your technology needs as a function, add electrical strips and concealed avenues for the wiring needs too.
Even the Home Office can utilize many design features in furniture that keep your technology more aesthetically appealing….with its use of electrical ports to house the computer wiring.  It works!

This closet (upper and lower) is making use of “dead space” with this corner addition  to add great organization and needed storage in the kitchen.
Use dead space to maximize your organizational skills instead of just wasting the space.  Check out this corner space in this great kitchen….  It could have easily been ignored, but this corner cabinet took the utility area to a new all time high!

CLOSETS can be a complete mess because no one sees them, right?
But think out this space for supreme organization for “housing items” as well as finding the items when you need them!  THINK SMART! Don’t let the clutter and chaos rule your life, even in the areas that no one sees….and that you visit on a regular basis!  Check out this closet….does it need help or what?

A guest bedroom walk in closet getting organized….

This chaotic disorganized closet needs help!

Don’t forget your laundry room!
Take the dead space above the washer and dryer and use it to store and house items that you need access to as well….organize it with smart shelving and hanging space!  Did I say laundry shoot?  Yep, that’s an added bonus to get that laundry organized too…. I “LOVE” our laundry shoot and access….great idea, Cumby!

A Laundry Room getting organized…. with a laundry shoot designed into the area, for an extra bonus!

Laundry Room overview shows organization “in progress”!

I’m working on my office but it’s not worthy of pictures yet….but I have accomplished so much with organizing strategies there….I’ll keep you posted!  Much organizing success to you!

An inspirational organized office that can be found at

And more good design tips can be found at


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