TV Timeout!

For those of us sitting at the football game, we are familiar with this term but this TV Timeout is for your home viewing needs!

With our TV’s growing in size and in popularity, the design world is playing a very important role in making these “monstrosities” more desirable in your interior. THE GOOD NEWS is that the TVs are getting flatter and the depth issue is going away with positioning and designing into your room.

Now tell me…does this scenario sound familiar? Usually it’s the man of the household who has a romance with HDTV and likes to hold the remote and wants to buy a big “bad” TV for the family room. Then commercials on TV make it seem so very easy to just go buy one and hang it on the wall…get the picture?  WRONG!  Then, this “big black hole”, (which I hear quite often) is a thorn in “her” flesh and an argument begins in the household over the location of the TV.  If this is vaguely familiar, you are not alone!

And there is good news!  There are wonderful solutions to this awkward dilemma. But, please do me the favor of planning and designing this into your room BEFORE you purchase a TV!  Sometimes this decision has ramifications on the design possibilities…..

1.  Do you want to design around it? It does work in some situations used in a grouping as you see here….

AND we have carefully placed the cabinet below that IS NEEDED to conceal the equipment for your TV- don’t forget the DVD player, the cable or satellite box, etc.  The wiring is concealed behind the wall and needs to be professionally installed to work properly.

This is a good example of NOT hiding the TV in a family room, but using it as part of the overall grouping on a wall that has a vaulted ceiling.  The credenza below is also accessorized but houses all of the needed equipment to run the TV and other components.

2.  Or do you want to hide it? There are now 2 way mirrors available that have the TV behind it so that when the TV is off, it looks like your fabulous decorative mirror, and when the TV is on, it’s a picture screen.  There are also TV/Mirrors that can be installed into your Master Bath that has the feeling of a picture in a picture…isn’t that a cool idea instead of mounting it on the wall or on the counter?

3.  And there are other great solutions with concealing the TV that might fit your needs….mostly custom designed for each individual’s interiors. Robotics and lifts are sometimes needed for the best solution as well in furniture pieces. You can use antiqued mirrors doors, remote controlled sliding doors, artwork, tapestries, or use your traditional armoires, built ins and more….

Adding the ambience to the Master Bedroom (designed by Vicki Posey in a recent Holiday House in Atlanta) was key in the design of this mirrored box, hanging over a credenza and opposite the King Sized Bed, with the mirror folding back much like bifold doors for easy viewing.  Antiquing the glass added more detail to the piece as well.  Remember the box also has to be designed for TV needs because heat, depth, controls, etc all have to be considered.

This TV has a remote controlled sliding mirror to HIDE the TV behind the bar in this kitchen area.  When the TV is not on and not needed, the mirror adds the perfect touch to accessorize.

Just don’t think that hanging it over the fireplace is the best solution just because you have seen it in a magazine or in a TV commercial. Most of the time, this is the worst place to hang your TV with the “uncomfortable height” for viewing and for the costly installation process.  Also, the warranty of the TV, the heat around the TV, and the capabilities have to be considered….so be careful with your installation process!  But, there are times that it works the best for your particular situation.  That’s why what works for one person’s interior doesn’t always work for the other person’s interior spaces….hence, custom solutions!

PLUS you have to think through your seating arrangement for best viewing….to be sure where the TV would work best in your room….unfortunately, it’s not as simple as ABC! And the more you can design and plan in advance, the better your results will be. Please CALL ME before you get started with your new TV plans….you’ll be glad you did!


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