What’s Behind the Scenes?

We are all intrigued by what’s behind the scenes….whether it’s Hollywood or the Kitchen cabinet door….don’t you agree?

There are always things that we can disguise with some “design” trickery to take care of needed functions or desires for each individual. In other words, just customize it to solve the problem!

This rectangular skirted table hides a vertical file in the Master Bedroom!
For example, I designed a fabulous skirted table, from the concealed framework to the intricate fabric details, that hides a much needed 2 drawer filing cabinet.  We tucked it in right next to the Master Bed for a great bedside table with a “hidden agenda”.  Be assured that this filing system is for files that need to be “kept” but not accessed on a daily basis….  OK?  AND this idea could also be used to HIDE THE SAFE!  (Remember the artwork that it’s hinged on the wall to conceal the safe for your valuables in the movies….?)

And there are other hiding places that can be devised for your valuables. I have a multitude of ideas in this area…Hmm….I could share mine but I would have to kill you afterward!  Just kidding of course….but did I get your attention?

I’ve also designed a skirted table in a “teen’s room” to hide the printer for the laptop that needs to be accessible daily.  The laptop can be nicely tucked away at a desk but what about the BIG DUDE of a printer that is very functional to everyday life for today’s student!  We constructed a table to house this big fellow with a functional roman shade for the curtains to go up for the project!  Cool….huh?  It works great!

The idea of the “Roman Shade” function really works

well to access the printer!

And when the shade is lowered, who would know?

AND there’s the needed function behind the scenes that are a MUST!

How about a drawer that needs some functional help with POWER? Well, I thought of that one.  Why not add an electrical outlet to your Master cabinetry that is concealed so that you don’t have to plug in your hair dryer every time you need it? It’s always in the drawer ready to go.  The “salon station idea” can be transformed into your personal bathroom too!

Your custom designed spice pulls are so helpful with organization and use of “dead space” to maximize your custom cabinetry!  This “idea” can also be utilized in your “built in” entertainment areas with storage for your DVDs!

This spice pull out is on either side of the cooktop area, making use of dead storage!

You are looking straight at the spice pull out closed…..

The Garbage Can with the Recycle Bin behind it hides this unsightly addition to the kitchen area by using a pull out.
Where’s the garbage can?  And do you recycle?  Well there’s a solution for that ugly monster too in the cabinetry design!

Pull out shelves cleverly hidden behind the cabinet doors make it easy to find your pots and pans!
The Refrigerator behind the panel in your kitchen can be a solution too for the kitchens that want the continuity with their cabinetry. AND more people are hiding “things” that were housed in the “medicine cabinet” with snoopy (unwanted I must say) guests rummaging through those cabinets. I never liked those ugly medicine cabinets anyway so I say GOOD RIDANCE to those monstrosities and welcome creative solutions – if that’s an issue for you! AND pots and pans need great storage in your kitchen….make it usable with your designs!

Get CREATIVE and FUNCTIONAL with concealing….it improves your organization and creates design opportunities that you may not realize could be a solution for you too!


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