Potty Training 101

These days, toilets come with many options, believe it or not….  Of course, the same goal prevails – FLUSH! The newer models are much more efficient and more compact for better function and design in large or small bathrooms.

What’s your driving factor in selecting your toilet? There are many choices so you have to narrow down the selection process with preferences.  Let’s talk about the leading brand, KOHLER.

  1. Is it the LOOK?

Kohler has several toilets that range from contemporary to traditional, with a range of colors to choose from as well.  And the bowl shape can be elongated, compact elongated or rounded.

Comfort Height Potty

  1. What about the COMFORT factor?

The “comfort height” is a winner in most homes because the toilet height is higher than the designs in the past.  It’s at the height of sitting in a chair and makes it easier to sit and stand for most ages.   Additionally, most Comfort Height toilets comply with the height requirements of the American Disabilities Act (ADA).  I particularly like this “new trend” in selections and recommend it, in that we have this option on ALL of our toilets!

  1. Are you concerned with the amount of water that your toilet uses?

Kohler has Water Sense toilet systems that use less water and is in compliance with the EPA’s standards.   There are several choices that give you high performance in flushing technologies.  The Dual Flush gets a lot of attention because of it’s flush options which means you can chose to flush solids or liquid. THIS could be most important to many who are trying to “Go Green”!

Dual Flush Potty

Personally, this one is not for our family because making the choice with a push button flush is too much thought process when I’m more concerned with just getting it flushed and seat with lid back in place! Plus, it’s a little too contemporary for me!

This product can help a building earn Water Efficiency points in the LEED         Green Building Rating System™.  There are other options that are quite efficient, like the Class 5 that we decided on for our bathrooms….so there are options that are still Good WATER SENSE solutions.

Yes, toilets hold individual choices as well.  You can’t just look at a picture and make up your mind with the many options available to you…..make your choice, make it personal!


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