Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…..Who’s the Fairest of them ALL?

What are your reflections in the mirror?

I think in the Disney movie with Snow White, the term referred to something a little different….with a wicked queen, jealousy, and dwarfs.  This story line is about the mirror too….it does create an illusion as well as a reflection!

Mirrors take on “personalities” of their own with their size, their shape, their frame types, their finishes, their style, and perhaps even their theme…..or fun.  Did I say fun?  Yes, I did!

Selecting and hanging your mirror in the right place for the right reason can make this very important decorative accessory a major decision, a focal point, in your interior….a very personal detail to create and reflect (no pun intended or maybe it is intended?) your character!

What about a bit of a contemporary feel with a copper finish?

Contemporary with a Rustic Finish...

Contemporary with a casual feel can sometimes be just be fun in that “perfect spot”!  And maybe with a theme….like botanicals?

This Golden Flower Petal Mirror is fun and impactful!

This twig mirror brings a little of the “outside in” with a little fun.  Some may view this as contemporary but I think it could be fun even in a mountain retreat, with a certain interior.  Again, this is a large mirror, like the flower petal mirror, even though the picture doesn’t give you that impression.  It’s around 48″ in dimension.

A mirror and an artwork all rolled into one.

Traditional mirrors can range from A to Z with different finishes, sizes and shapes!

This traditional mirror has a mirror frame as well with bevels in the framed mirrors.  Using a mirror with additional mirrors adds so much light and reflection to your interior….There are other decorative mirrors that play off this same idea….

The nail head trim adds dimension and elegance!

And the frame can make the mirror feel more traditional with the finish and the attention to detail….

Gold and wood adds detail and tradition...and volume.

Tradition doesn’t have to be square or rectangular, it can be round or even an interesting shape or oval……

A round silver and black mirror can add tradition...and be a great focal point!

Another fun shape with dark wood finish adds character.

Tradition with Oval Elegance....

photo by JetKat Design

And sometimes you need something special to accompany a piece of furniture or flank a piece of art that needs a little something special to help add some volume, some light and reflection with style.

A Fleur-de-lis Reflection that is quite tall but is only 8 inches wide.

And how about a mirror only 8” wide?  It packs lots of punch with beveled mirror glass, the traditional fleur de lis design and a great finish.  A traditional concept with a bit of a class to add an architectural element to your interior! Can’t you see how it could add so much used in a grouping of artwork or flanking artwork with a pair?

And speaking of architectural…. We had this mirror custom sized and framed  to add the finishing touches to this interior with it’s look, character, size, light and reflection!

Custom Framed and Sized for this location.....

AWH Photo

There are places for mirrors that are fabulous and there are places that are not appropriate at all.

So a few design tips to keep in mind…..Just  because you have seen a mirror over a fireplace, it’s not always a good location!  If you see a mirror hung horizontally in the advertisement or in a retail location, your particular area may need for it to hang vertically.  Most mirrors have the 2 options on the back for your design needs.  ALSO, never hang a mirror of any size and weight on a picture hanging hook.  It must be hung appropriately with wall anchors – or you may have 7 years bad luck!

I love decorative mirrors used effectively and decoratively in your home….It reflects your character and style……


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