March Madness with a Kitchen Workshop in 3D

We learned a lot in the workshop about the FUNCTION of your kitchen and how it affects the DESIGN of your kitchen in so many ways…… and it’s ALL about YOU and your needs!  InsiDesign of Atlanta was a great location for our version of March Madness – Kitchen Workshop in 3D.  It was a winner for ALL who participated!

Mary Ellen Badger of Kitchen 360 and Lisa Connor of Hadco really educated everyone on their kitchen plan, offered up great recipes, and gave us tips on appliances in the kitchen. As they talked to us with great information, Mary Ellen also cooked and passed tasty treats for us all as appetizers, with recipes included…..and shared some great cooking secrets with us to use for future reference to take our cooking skills up a notch!

Never a dull moment with the Kitchen Experts in the Kitchen!

Lisa gave us good tips on using our appliances more efficiently and also nudged us to try out that convection oven and other great lifestyle appliances and more….  GREAT INFO!

With a very intimate workshop, there were questions during the presentation that really made us “think” a little harder about each cook’s personal needs in the kitchen and about the placement of appliances as well.  It’s not all about the work triangle any more but  now more about the multi zone kitchen with your Kitchen design!

Participants were up close and personal with their questions and answers!

After we “walked” through the recipes up close and personal with our cooking class, the buffet was open for lunch! Check out this wonderful Chicken and Apple Salad!  YUMMY!  She even showed us about the garnish and dressing to “impress” your guests!  AND Mary Ellen shared all the recipes from our lunch menu with great cooking tips along the way….

A beautiful and scrumptious salad was created and served to the participants...

And it was "finger lickin" good!

Everyone squealed with fun when their name was called for the many door prizes…..from steak knives to a Lapper Tray to Cookbook 101….. and goody bags “filled with delightful treats” were given to each participant in the event!

I can’t wait for the next chapter of Kitchen in 3D – It will be this Summer at the Viking Store in Atlanta with more details coming soon!  This is part of the series of GOOD KNOWLEDGE AND CENTS, provided by Cumby’s Interiors.


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