Dirty Laundry Aired Here….!

Laundry Rooms can be a “catch all”….AND the location of the Laundry Room can be the type of “stuff” that gets tossed into it.  Don’t fall into that trap!

I don’t know about you but my very first few homes really didn’t have a Laundry Room, only a Laundry area….The last home was a step above with an “honest to goodness” Laundry Room, just off the Kitchen,  built in the 70’s.  It even had a deep laundry sink and cabinets in it.  We added more wire type shelving to it eventually to give us more storage space for our “stuff”. AND it was so big and really not thought out very well in the floor plan, and we added in our up right freezer!  It was a cute Laundry Room, with colorful wallpaper and accessories that I used on the top shelf and over the cabinets that were colorful and cute.

With the Laundry Room located closer to the bedrooms instead of the Kitchen this time with our new house, the focus on the storage needs and desires change.  I have to tell you that the bedroom area of our house plans revolved around the Laundry shute, the star of the Laundry Room!

It was designed to be the rapid express of dirty laundry from Noah’s upstairs bedroom straight to the Laundry Room without him thinking about it too much, if you know what I mean? (with 1 rule that no living, breathing “thing” could use the laundry shute for transportation!)  It’s one of those things that I do not regret at all!  As an added bonus, it also doubles as an intercom system, directly to Noah’s room….with a megaphone effect!  You get the drill, I’m sure….

Noah demonstrating his task of tossing the DIRTY laundry into the shute in his room....

The view of the Laundry Shute in the Laundry Room and taking advantage of space with hanging area, too.

AND it worked out for us to add us a quick laundry connection for us too with a sorter as well from the Master Bath!  The sorter is just underneath and we can drop it directly into the sorter – what a short cut that works for us.  AND you are organized with the laundry at that point!

Another vantage point with the dirty laundry sorter from the Master Suite

Instead of having empty wall space, we added open shelving above the washer and dryer to house and organize many items, including the laundry needs.  The dead storage that is up high, is useful too for me for those items you only need a few times a year! And I’m still organizing that space as needed…..

AND we loved our “built in” ironing board in our last house so much that we installed it again!  In our last house, it was installed in David’s walk in closet.  (He is the BEST at ironing I have to tell ya!) This time, because our Laundry Room is so close to the Master closet, we elected to install it there and not take some of the closet space.

Built in ironing board open....

The other cool thing about the built in ironing system is that it is “hard wired” so that you can plug your iron in there, and there’s room for iron storage as well. And no squeaky floor model for us!  It’s been a life savor in many ways!  This plan is easier for guests to use, if they need to iron out a few wrinkles….

Built in ironing board closed....

And if you have a Laundry sink, think about the possibilities there…..and what your needs are with the sink and the faucet that you chose with finishes, size, type of faucet, type of sink, drop in or free standing….lots of options that fit your needs, to consider.

You can see that our Laundry Room is not big, but it’s organized without a large “footprint”!

Your Laundry Detergent is so very important, and especially with high efficient washers and dryers and the life of your appliances.  That’s why I fell in love with the product that I sell from THE LAUNDRESS.  I could tell the difference in this enzyme based product vs. the chemical type product in the way it treats the appliances, the clothes, and our family!  My dad actually stopped itching when they started using this detergent instead of the HE detergent from Sams!  It will add to the life of your clothes and your investment in your appliance as well.  AND you are helping the environment with a GREEN product!

The Laundress products can be purchased on the website in the Marketplace

Remember, you only need 2 Tablespoons per load of your detergent and dilute your fabric softener with water – only 1 T of softener!

Laundry tip: If you are experiencing a sour or mildew smell and even see mildew in your detergent canals, you need to sanitize and clean your appliance.  Here’s how…. you need to add 1 cup of bleach to your washer instead of detergent (with no laundry inside), then when it starts to agitate, pause the washer, open it up and add 2 more cups of bleach and let it run through the cycle.  THIS cleans all those areas down inside and needs to be repeated about once a month (which I didn’t know and it’s been a year for me!).

I was told that there is a gallon of water that stays in the machine between the 2 drums on a front loader that causes the sour/mildew smell.  (It’s a safety precaution to keep the motor from burning up)The bleach will take care of it immediately!  This laundry tip was given to me by a repair man that services all kinds of appliances and is certified by the high end appliance manufacturers.  He also said that detergent also builds up in your washer because MOST PEOPLE put more than 2 Tablespoons into the wash dispenser.  So, MORE IS NOT BETTER in this case either!  THIS is also why they tell you to leave the door OPEN when not in use as well.

Also, this repairman gave me another Laundry Tip: chemical detergents have a “3 month shelf life”.  He suggests that you date your bottle (write on it with a sharpie) so that you will know its shelf life.  It starts to break down after 3 months and causes issues with your machine and too much sudsing in your washer.  The LAUNDRESS products are guaranteed for 3 YEARS!  VALUE personified!   Buy at http://www.CumbysInteriors.com Marketplace

I have decided to accessorize this Laundry Room a little differently! Yes, I do really accessorize the Laundry Room too!  You spend a lot of time in there so you might as well enjoy it! Right?

I’m hanging treasured “child” memories there on the “naked walls”. If you are like most parents or grandparents, you have artwork that was given to you or made especially for you…. Like these?

The start of the "Memories" Gallery

After they’ve outgrown some of their fun artwork or pictures for their personal rooms, collect them and create your gallery there. I’m just getting mine started as I unpack a few more boxes and locate a others, my gallery will grow PLUS I hope to have some additions coming my way too (hint, hint)!

Adding a large bulletin board adds interest, color and organization!

OR add a bulletin board to post a calendar to get your family updated, keep you in order, and collect memories.  I’m working on some ideas with this HUGE bulletin board to make it more organized for my family’s needs!

Create character and fun to your Laundry Room after you have successfully organized it for your family’s needs and functions!  It’s a personal “thing”!


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