Pamper YOURself with Your TUB Choice

It’s TIME for a good soak for the R&R you need!  So PAMPER yourself with your TUB choice!

Do you have a tub that you love and enjoy OR hate?

If YOU are in the “hate category”…..Could it be that you didn’t have an option on your tub choice?   It’s important to treat this as a compliment to your lifestyle NOT an unwanted piece of the bathroom that is Unwanted!

A lot of people have the traditional Garden Tub, the builder variety, that they hate!  There’s a reason….it’s the least expensive option out there, it’s a maintenance nightmare, PLUS it’s not about YOU!  RIGHT?

You really need to make your tub choice ALL about YOU!  There are many options out there and you may find that the better choices are more useful for more than just a good bath.  You may need a tub for soaking, for a massage, for cooling off, for just some relaxing quiet time!

A few things to remember:

AIR JET tubs are better choices than than the Jacuzzi tubs because they “clean themselves” out with a 2nd blast of air that’s part of their purging air system….about 15 minutes after you drain your tub. (It can scare you, if you are not prepared for this event!)  THIS also allows you to use bath salts, oils and soaps that don’t clog the system.   Cool, huh?

AIR JET tubs also can help heat the tub with “warmed air”, because you could literally drain all the HOT water out if you don’t have the proper Hot Water Heater installed in your home.  The air can be warmed or cooled with your keypad options.

Tubs come in shapes and sizes that need to fit your space and fit your body type!  I suggest that you visit your local bath showroom and be prepared to get in it, right there!  If you have trouble getting out, remember that decorative grab bars are now available for installation on some tubs or tub decks.

And there are many choices in price points and manufacturers including a few local ones (around Atlanta) that you can visit up close and personal with your designer!

AND the finishes and accessories can add those personality points as well.  CHECK out the pictures here….just a small sampling….

Don’t forget about your placement of your FABULOUS Faucet too.  The PERSONALITY is certainly displayed with your finish choice here as well as your STYLE!  There are many options to chose from – contemporary to traditional and the finish/style should work with your faucets at the sink area.

YOUR Tub can be a drop in or free standing look, and your choice may depend on your “space” as well as the LOOK you are after.

Another major decision is placement of your “motor” if you have an AIR JET option on your tub.  It has to be located next to your tub and accessible in case of repair needs.  AND these are Energy Efficient, making this choice very “green”.

View the “Tub Gallery” in my Flickr albums.


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