Stack it UP!

Decorative Moulding can enhance any interior, if you give it your special attention.  This is a nice addition that can be MAJOR with your renovation or building project to add a lot of “punch”.  Older homes were built with wider and decorative moldings to give them that extra special character.  These days, you have to create this to get the “look”.

There are many newer homes that have smaller moldings and an occasional chair rail but with little thought process to make it work properly or give it the character.  AND in some cases, it’s just done incorrectly or NON existent.

To add a luxurious touch with nice moulding, you must consider 4 basic areas.

1.  Crown moulding is used at the ceiling to fill the gap between the ceiling and the wall.  A typical home these days has a crown around 5” in width even though they can range from1 ½ “ on up.

2.  Baseboard moulding is used at the floor to fill the gap between the flooring and the wall.  It can range from 2” to 6” tall.

3.  Casement moulding is used to fill the gap between the windows and walls, the doors and walls, and openings and walls.  It can range from 1” to 4” wide.

4.  Chair Rail moulding runs horizontal to the floor and traditionally is 30” off the floor, but this measurement has made some changes over the last decade, becoming more decorative.  The original reason for the chair rail was to keep a chair from bumping the wall, with a “protection projection” of moulding.

 Gallery of Mouldings

Of course there are other decorative mouldings used in other areas, and a combination of mouldings can be stacked with space in between or butted, to give more luxurious looks.  AND they can be combined with other applications as well.

When you determine what your style is with you interiors, your moulding style will fall into place easily.


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