A Treasure Hunt for Hidden Resources

As promised, the event was lots of fun for the participants! I saw lots of smiles, enjoyed great laughter, and shared excitement with those attending the buying trip! 

We all converged on our first stop in Buckhead with a great showroom, Lisa Thompson and Associates. Lisa and her team treated all of us to Coffee, Great Pastries and Fabulous Fruit to get us rocking and rolling into our day. 

AND to wonderful FINDS throughout the showroom. Everyone was finding their favorite purchases…..and making trips to the car to load up! 

"Great day, Cumby! Many thanks for all of your patience with & hardwork on behalf of your clients and friends!”


The check out was busy with Lisa’s team wrapping with bubble wrap, bagging fabulous finds, and loading purchases up into our vehicles! 

Then, onward to The Heeney Co. for a presentation on quick tips for creating a Spring basket, floral arrangements, and container info. Curt had our attention with SO much helpful information. Then load up the shopping baskets!!! After a great boxed lunch….. 

Another great presentation was in Designer Carpet and Rug with “the green qualities” of carpet! THIS was very informative and enlightening from the newest carpet fiber, Triextra to good ole’ Wool, the natural choice. So many wonderful looks in carpets and rugs….. and fabulous desserts to tantalize our taste buds! 

Last but not least, Jim Rash with Liberty Rugs gave us the “50 cent” tour of his showroom with stacks and stacks of Hand Knotted Rugs in many sizes, helping everyone to recognize the quality of these special rugs and what sets them apart from machine made rugs. The colors and the patterns just were amazing there! I was so thrilled to see new and exciting choices and new colors for us to choose from. Everyone definitely found a favorite! Not to mention, beautiful and tasty cheeses and fruit put the final touches to our “treats” for the day. 

Of course, all of these wonderful resources are some of my “Treasures” that I frequent with my clients in mind, only open “to the Trade”, which means that the public is not allowed. Entry to these locations can not take place without ME! 

To view more pictures of the day, check out Cumby’s Design Gallery photos.


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