YOU and YOUR Kitchen Sink

You know the saying…. Everything BUT the kitchen sink? 

WOW, the Kitchen sink is very important and in the function of your Kitchen, it’s a dynamic “player”!  So, what’s in your Kitchen sink?  Does it work for you?  Have you thought through YOUR needs?  Don’t be a “copy cat” but think about YOUR particular needs!  This is so true for the entire Kitchen so please give this your attention!

SO MARK JUNE 22nd on your calendar for the KITCHEN EVENT that takes your questions up a notch with “What’s Cooking in your Kitchen?”  MORE details arriving to your inbox about this special event with a panel of experts, a Theater Kitchen for the venue, and lots of good information to share with YOU (and a chef cooking your lunch too)!

There are many sinks to choose from:

A FarmHouse Sink

A Deep Large Sink

A Two Sink

And even multiple sinks may be needed for your Kitchen with one located at the Kitchen island!  I really don’t know what I would do without 2 sinks, now that I have this wonderful avenue in my new Kitchen!

And there are variations on these with different shapes, and sizes and variations within those choices…. There’s then even a low flow separation in the 2 bowl sink that is very popular…. All of these components vary with each individual’s needs, however!  Popularity is good to know, but YOU need to choose for YOU!  Make is PERSONAL!
This RED Farmhouse Sink is new on the market!

Finishes also start another selection process!  Cast iron to stainless steel to granite to textured surfaces…..

And remember that stainless steel comes in different “gauges” in quality.  You don’t want to short change yourself here.  Be SMART with your selection and choose quality for your KITCHEN SINK that gets lot of use AND abuse!

Click on “Sink Gallery” to view images:

Sink Gallery

Accessories add fun options too.  Did you know that these are even available?  Accessories could include additions to your sink…. Including possibly an “Instant Hot Water”, a soap dispenser, a lotion dispenser, sink racks and baskets, cutting boards and more!  A trip to the plumbing showroom is a lesson in itself…believe me!  AGAIN, your personal needs are applicable here!

AND THAT’S PART OF OUR KNOWLEDGE AND CENTS SERIES  WITH THE BATH WORKSHOP this SUMMER at a PLUMBING SHOWROOM!  YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS IT – because we will be “up close and personal” with this plumbing event!

Then you have the plumbing – the fixtures – the faucet.  Do you want the high neck faucet?  The pull out faucet?  The touch control faucet that doesn’t require a hand to operate?  The faucet that has 2 types of water streams? A single lever….?  Possibilities are numerous….

Then the finishes for those range as well from Polished Chrome to Satin Nickel to Oil Rubbed Bronze……  THERE are SO MANY avenues to pursue and I’ve only given you the “tip of the iceberg”!  AND you will hear more about plumbing choices… the future!


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