TOILE is Timeless…

Do you know what Toile is?    

This Nursery is the perfect spot for this adorable pink and green Toile fabric.

 Toile du Juoy actually originated in the 18th century in France with a design pattern that could be found on canvas type fabric with this repeated scene painted on it, usually with 2 colors with a neutral background of white or off white. The “pattern” is usually depicted as a pastoral type scene, or a working farm scene, or something that tells a story with the scene. The scene color that is almost like a sketch is in blacks or charcoals, blues, reds and sometimes greens. Although these colors have grown with the popularity of the fabrics!       Toile du Juoy has been “shortened” to Toile (pronounced twall) and can now be found on fabrics, wallpapers, upholstery, bed coverings, lamps and shades, china, and more! AND it’s still popular after all these many years! The popularity of Toile has grown with the French Country trend in decorating. 

 Also, it can be found in many areas in the home from Powder Rooms to Guest Bedrooms…..and even Little Girl’s Rooms!  

 AND one big reason for the popularity of Toile is that it is “timeless” with it’s simplicity in colors and scenes, it can be used so easily with a variety of fabrics, colors, and textures and it never goes out of style!     

This unique "multi colored Toile" was perfect for this traditional Guest Bedroom!

 For example, my mother wallpapered her formal Dining Room with a very Traditional Chippendale design using the charcoal and white Toile and it lasted for 35 years, easily! We had to finally replace it, because the color had faded, even though it was still a popular wallpaper pattern in the books of today!                 

Toile Gallery




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