Colorful Whimsy or Inspiration?

Do you love color?  Do you love accessories?  Have you ever wondered “How do I find what I am looking for?”!  Do you have an inspiration in your home or maybe even a vision that’s in your head, but you don’t know how to “bring it to life”?  

Have you ever noticed how the fashion industry is the catalyst that drives the interiors industry as well as others?  

As an INTERIOR DESIGNER, I work with YOU to create YOUR vision….YOUR dream……YOUR interiors in YOUR home ….. to be the desired and inspired environment for YOUR “oasis” in this hectic world and to reflect YOUR personality and character.  It’s always nice to sprinkle in a little seasoning of fun, color and a sense of humor to make it personal…..unique…..custom. There’s a lot of time devoted to shopping for those wonderful additions to make your interiors “all about YOU”. Cumby’s Interiors offers you Ideas, Inspirations, Information …..

I recently went to AmericasMart on a shopping trip and found a real WHIMSICAL and COLORFUL theme there – from the fashions with purses, scarves, jewelry, hats, shoes….. to interiors with lamps, table top pieces, artwork, linens,  pillows, bedding, furniture and fabrics….  Is this YOUR inspiration?

Whimsical color from textiles to artwork….

Check out some real finds here that I would LOVE to share with you…..see if you can find YOUR color palette….  It’s almost as fun as a Summer Vacation. Bring some BEACH or COASTAL FUN to your interiors with fabulous finds from one of my favorite shopping resources….Lisa Thompson & Associates.  (It’s To the TRADE ONLY and was recently featured & visited on my shopping trip! If you want to visit Lisa Thompson’s, our next shopping trip will be this FALL!)

Colorful Whimsy or Inspiration Gallery


 The whimsy doesn’t necessarily have to be BOLD and BRIGHT, it can be in the subject matter of the artwork, or in the frame of the mirror, or in the fabric print or in the accessories…..the possibilities are there.  ADD that “character” to your interiors with a little “whimsy” in mind that works with your personality!

 Artwork by Laura Loving
Recently featured on HGTV


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