21 Ways to Celebrate May Flowers!

April Showers bring May Flowers!  So, think about it….a garden full of blossoms really gives an uplifting perspective to your day on a very positive avenue.  It really picks me up to see blooming flowers in our yard, or a bouquet of favorite blooms in a vase or even a single bud in my child’s hand, picked just for me.  I think that nature appeals to our senses and gives us positive thoughts and smiles…..a real psychological need to have some kind of “back to nature” based experience in your life perhaps? 

Nature has made an impact on interiors for centuries….and it has certainly been incorporated in many ways with fabrics, wallpaper, accessories, furniture and artwork…. Yet, different aspects of nature appeal to each of us differently with the subject matter, the design, the colors, the application, the textures, and the list goes on and on!  Nature can be personal to each of our needs, appeal to our nurturing instincts, and reward us greatly!

Vintage fabrics interest some people….

Exotic?  Color combinations and origination?

 How about FLOWER POWER?  Yes, there is flower power in many different ways, looks, and styles.  Where do you fit in?  It’s a personal thing….

In your Kitchen?  Or setting your table?  With a French Garden theme?

Does it take you back a few years with the retro look?

OR Flowers with a message?  A little abstract, one dimensional….and whimsical.

 OR do you have a Powerful Impact with Nature with an unspoken message… with a traditional and warm greeting….

It can be an English Country type fabric that brings nature into your interiors….With distinctive floral designs combined with great textures to give you 2 completely different looks, yet both very elegant used in the formal living areas of these homes!  One has a Southern flower look, vibrant colors on a polished cotton, with detail trim to accentuate the explosion of color.  And featured on these comfortable chairs, there’s a warm toned linen type cotton with a “country scene” and quail to add to the nature in this formal Living Room, rich with wood tones.

And maybe a little different spin with a fruit and floral pattern with teacups – A French Country experience in the Kitchen and Breakfast Room….light and airy but pumped full of color.

Can you just smell the fragrance that these beautiful blooms (even through this picture) can provide?  It’s amazing how it appeals to your senses….

A Botanical Gallery can be welcoming…. as well as beautiful addition to your interiors!

Or a beautiful Penley canvas to welcome Nature into your interiors

Whatever the “back to nature” avenue you may take, add some peaceful nature elements and enjoy your interiors!  

 21 Ways to Celebrate May Flowers! Gallery


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