5 Design Tips to Revive Your TO DO List!

Do you like design tips that can give you results?

1.  Do you hate your toilet tissue holder?    I was there too at one time too.  I think they put a woman in charge of the engineering department at the bath hardware avenue of the interiors industry, FINALLY!  You’ll agree with me that the “locksolid attachment with pivot system” is wonderful.  It functions fabulously, it’s easy to install, and easy to replace the roll with one hand tied behind your back!  LOVE IT!

Of course, the towel bars, rings and hooks use the same attachment system, too.  It’s very easy to install!

2.  Are you struggling with choices for your bed covering that will be pet friendly? Recently, I have discovered using Sunbrella (or other durable “outdoor” generics) fabrics for options on duvet covers in fabulous choices that You will be pleasantly surprised at the look and the “feel” you can get with one of these fabrics.  You will feel secure are stain resistant and easily cleaned.  There are even Sunbrella velvets that can be used on upholstery as well!  that the money you invest in your bed coverings won’t be thrown down the drain with your pet sleeping on your bed every night!  LOVE the results!

3.  Do you need to change and update your Breakfast Room or Dining Room chandelier?  If you are hanging a light fixture that actually needs to be moved over about 6 inches, it is possible to relocate (as long as the electrician approves of the relocation) and use a medallion to cover the hole in the ceiling dry wall.  The medallion helps with the cover up, a great faux finish adds impact on the medallion, and the light fixture is enhanced and updated, with an easy installation.  LOVE the look!

4.  Are you struggling with needing additional seating but lack in space?  You can always add in a stool, ottoman or bench to these areas to solve the problem without taking up a lot of space…..in the Master Bath, the Master Bedroom, Family Room or Breakfast Room….wherever there is a need.  I LOVE adding an ottoman into the Master Bath, for seating location to put on your socks and shoes or a bench at the end of the bed.  OR adding a bench in front of the fire place to be “hot seat” in the house!

5.  Do you have outdoor furniture that may need fabric updating?  Don’t sell your outdoor furniture, just because you need a fabric change!  There are great resources in fabrics, as you now know with Sunbrella and other outdoor fabrics, PLUS I have a great workroom that can make the needed cushions as well as replace the “sling” type furniture fabric.  The frame may be in great shape but the fabric needs updating, and you really notice it this time of the year when we use our outdoor areas more. (I Resemble this situation!) AND if the frame needs a make over, there are resources for that too!  LOVE the possibilities!


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