Weekly Design Tip

Isn’t it funny how the little things can grate on your nerves but affect the BIG THINGS in life?  Look around your home to see if any of these scenarios fit your needs and desires to make you home even more comfortable than ever, whether it’s saving you valuable time or saving you big $$ to readdress your TO DO list with the knowledge and cents mentality!  If you need bath hardware, I have a great resource that offers several finishes, as well as resources for any of the above needs! I used them in my home too!  WHEN you need help with your decorating needs, please email me  Cumby@CumbysInteriors.com or call me 404 585 6506.  Let’s take your next steps with your decorating needs together!  I can help you to save money by not making costly mistakes in your home…THAT is real value to YOU!


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