10 HOT Tips for YOUR Outdoor Living!

Are you enjoying your “outdoor” areas at your home?  You know a deck or a porch is not what it used to be a few years ago.  And this time of the year, it’s a great time for entertaining for sure with grilling and outdoor activities….for YOU and YOUR Family to ENJOY!

Redecorate, Reuse, Recycle, and Refresh Your Outdoor Areas
Is it a patio by the pool, a screened porch, or an open porch that commands your outdoor fun?  Are you ready to enjoy it and invite your friends over?  Do you need to take your outdoor areas up a notch?  THINK about creating this space for your enjoyment, your pleasure, your relaxation as well as for your entertaining needs…. Make it functional, fun, and inviting!  Make it ALL about YOU!

  1. Use pieces that make a statement and may be hiding in your basement – an old unused armoire or large metal bakers rack can add storage as well as a great focal point on a large wall.
  2. Old discarded or antique light fixtures or candle holders are fabulous additions to your exterior spaces and add character as well as lighting.  Rewiring of a “good find” at a flea market is an inexpensive and a simple task.
  3. Add an “outdoor” rug to give your porch a cozy feeling as well as define the conversation area.
  4. Consider using some typical indoor accessories that can be used outdoors as well.  Metal frames on mirrors, interior doors painted and aged, used with hinges for a triple screen, inexpensive flea market artwork, are all good examples.
  5. And of course, use “outdoor” fabrics that are suitable for the “elements” on your cushions and drapery panels.
  6. Turn a ceramic piece into a clever container for a plant and a stool into a plant stand.  “Think outside the box”.
  7. Take your outdoor gardening to a new step, with reusing a container for your herbs that can be useful and a lovely addition…at your patio side…perhaps your mint for your ice tea or Basil for your Italian recipes!  
  8. An old bird bath bowl could create a great centerpiece for your outdoor dining table, by simply adding in blooming plants. 
  9. Table top lighting next to a comfy chair turns the outdoor porch into a reading nook.  Electrical outlets can be added to your exterior areas.
  10. Fashion a screen made from old interior doors painted or maybe aged, used with hinges or old shutters attached in the same way will add privacy.  Or other architectural large additions can add definition, if not privacy. 

I love reusing and recycling elements with furniture and accessories in unique ways… to create a little of the unexpected, to be more custom designed to individual taste!  
IF you are really interested in taking your OUTDOOR KITCHEN up a notch, YOU should attend the “What’s Cooking in the Kitchen” event on June 22nd with experts, such as Lisa Connor of Viking, giving you great insight and information to design your extended KITCHEN – OUTDOORS!


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