It’s Just Beachy!

Beach Time for Summer? Or all year round? What are your plans?

Just hearing the roar of the waves, gives me a chance to take a deep breath and just relax….   Do you get that feeling too?  To be perfectly honest, we fall asleep every night to the sound of waves on a CD….it relaxes your brain too!  PLUS I have to say, there’s something about getting the sand between your toes that is food for the soul….am I not right?  It is for us.

Many people dream of having a BEACH home, a LAKE home, or a 2nd home of some kind.  And everyone has a different idea of the “look” for this get away place….from the pastel color tones to the vibrant tones and from Contemporary to Traditional Design….which can also set the tone for what your idea of the R & R (Rest and Relaxation)factor might be. And maybe you might have a sea coast theme, or a lighthouse theme, or a fishing theme.  In other words, everyone has a different perception in their 2nd home, where ever it may be…..just like in a primary residence….no two interiors should be alike!  It’s all about creating your character!  AND here, you can really have a good time with your interiors – live a little on the edge!

Another factor that could shed some light on your design decisions is if it’s a rental property for the vacation searching people at large or is your investment property for your use only?  There is a significant difference in the way that you decorate if it’s a rental property….believe me!  You have to find the magic between what appeals to the MASS as well as what you “like” that makes it work, PLUS no one cares for YOUR interior quite like YOU do……not even your best friends!  Know what I mean?  So….it has to be “visitor or renter friendly”, if you are the owner/landlord….and there are some rules that I’ve “chalked up” as experienced and useful lessons.

Well, what if you don’t like the 2nd home idea and you want to bring the seacoast into your living areas NOW?  Or a lake house theme to your interior?  I have several clients who have definitely made that a reality with their interpretation of their theme…..what an idea!  It works for them and it’s very comfortable as well as the “talk of the town”.  You gotta LOVE IT!  THEY DO!


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