Cooking with Cumby!

I LOVE to try new recipes and the Food Network is one of my favorite channels on TV! And THANK GOD that David enjoys cooking as well; we have really teamed up for some great menus for our guests over the years.

Are you hungry for Ideas? Information? Inspiration? Design? Guidance? And some SWEET offerings?

So, when it came time for us to work on our Kitchen DESIGN, it was a major labor of love in many areas but we also had some major questions and hurdles, just like YOU do when making decisions on major purchases! Remember the philosophy is that the Kitchen is the major “hub” in our home – not just cooking any more! A lot of time and planning went into OUR Kitchen! There are no impulsive decisions with this area of your house or you’ll really be sorry…..and believe me, I’ve heard some sad stories about Kitchen plans gone wrong!

Here’s a little sneak peak to our decision of an induction cooktop! It was a GREAT inspiration and decision, even if David does get the credit for sending us in this direction….. I’m glad he did!

Helpful Hint: When your HEATH SAUCE cools down, it hardens and needs to be stored in your refrigerator. You can take it out and heat “as needed”. And one making will be a lot more than you think, believe me! Happy Cooking!

AND just for fun, I’m going to share the recipe with you, too. I have to say that it’s a Labor of Love from Linda’s Kitchen (my wonderful client and friend who makes Martha look “last year”!) that she has shared with me, after I got a bite of this scrumptious Heath Sauce at her dinner table! WOW – it’s SOoooo GOOD and an easy recipe to share in many ways! EVERYONE will think you are a genius in your Kitchen, too! You have to watch the video to get the recipe……


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