5 Ways to Be TRUE to Your School!

photo by JetKat Design

Let your colors fly….Rah, Rah Rah …Shish Boom Bah…. Can you just hear the tune in your head? The BEACH BOYS sang it well, didn’t they?

There are a lot of people out there that have a loyalty to their school….especially it seems in the Southeast. I even have friendly banters with Face Book Friends and I enjoy conversation with my “Gator Cousin” there, too! Maybe it’s because we live in the Southeast, that it seems that way. AND there is the Collegiate Licensing Company, which calls Marietta home. They service the entire country’s college “stuff” and all of the College Colors. I have 2 good friends that work hard there to keep good product coming our way! So, maybe I’m a little more aware of that avenue than most!?

You can certainly use your College Colors in your interiors as well…. Here are a few ways that you might consider:

1. Paint colors…. There have been some designated “official” COLLEGE colors and professional team colors that are available at Home Depot. I’m sure that you have seen the TV advertisements for these during football season every year. A word of WARNING – try the paint color as a sample before making an assumption that is what you are looking for – many of the better paint companies are now offering you a “trial size” sample to get your color right.

For example, the OFFICIAL RED for UGA is a little bit more orange than I would use on the walls in an interior. It comes across that way because many accessories (different items take paint differently) are redder than the “official red” for the team. And if you’ve ever looked at a paint chart, red is difficult to chose if you don’t know “how to” select paint colors. And no UGA fan wants ORANGE in their color palette!  (Laugh out Loud)

AND this may be the color that you desire but I’ve found some variations in what the client and I are looking for our “back drop” in the interior.

2. Textiles…. There are some fun bed coverings, pillows, shower curtains, fabrics, etc. out there! Yes, you can go overboard with it so I suggest that you consider a combination of the “ready made” with the custom additions to make your interiors more unique and personal. And sometimes you can use things a little differently than it was intended, be imaginative and creative.

For example, I used the UGA helmets, that are Christmas decorations instead of fringe or tassels for adding a little extra special touch to these Window Treatments! PLUS we created throw pillows from UGA Sweatshirts and T shirts for this “Little Boy’s Room”! AND I recently saw a creative quilt using all the fronts of College Team T shirts! FUN!

3. Accessories…. Now you can really go crazy here with so much to choose from ranging from light switch or outlet covers to picture frames to telephones to lamps to planters to clocks to kitchen accessories – it’s covering every area imaginable in your home! Of course, some accessories are “better” than others, for sure! Again, these mixed in with small doses are more impactful with your interiors.

An example would be to include the mascot in other ways other than with the school colors. There are mascot items in antique bronze finishes and in resins that can be incorporated easily as well and vice versa, with using an accessory that’s in the colors, but not necessarily a school color item in particular.

4. Floor Covering…. You might go the easy path and get the school logo in wall to wall colors if you are getting that intense with your College Theme or simply decide that like your paint color, it may prove to treat the large space of your floor space as a background for your decorating and have the rugs or carpet compliment your interior instead of compete with it for attention.

5. Furniture…..Yes, there is College “branded” furniture! It can range with options from recliners to bars to beds! I am not even kidding! Again, remember that you can be smart with your choices if you use a focal piece and incorporate it with other pieces of furniture that compliment each other. AND of course, depending on the room you are furnishing, it can be decorated very tastefully.

Ok, it’s no secret that I’m a GEORGIA BULLDOG to the core, but I certainly have lots of clients and friends that are fans of rival teams and teams from all over the country! I do have one friend that always wears his GT t shirt or sweatshirt when he comes over. He shudders at the RED AND BLACK and feels like he’s evening out the score when he has on his GT colors! We have a friendly “rivalry” going on that’s a lot of fun!

We’ve collected quite a bit over the years and have also enjoyed gifts that pertain to our school spirit. Have fun with it but be tasteful with your decorating! It can easily get “over the top” in a skinny minute!


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