Raindrops are Falling on My Head!

Are you frustrated with your shower not working well? Or perhaps embarrassed about your Guest Bath’s shower and its efficiency? Or do YOU need to address a much needed update in your Master shower that involves more than just the faucets? Do you want a steam shower or a spa like experience? Or would you like to take it up a notch with BodySpa jets in your shower?

Yes, it can get a little overwhelming and frustrating with your options for your shower….believe me! Look at some of the shower heads available to you….

Lots of options, lots of finishes....

Pick a shower head that works for you!

There are so many avenues but remember to think about several things that are very important with your remodeling in the shower that can really affect your choices!!!

1. If you are remodeling in your bathroom shower but NOT changing the tile, hold on to your OLD faucets to pick out your new faucets. You must go back with the same brand, because of the valve “behind the scenes” can not be changed!

2. With your remodel, IF you are changing the tile in your shower, or changing out the shower walls, and exposing your pipes and valves, THEN you can change brands of faucets and be open with options.

3. YES, these decisions must be made at the EARLIEST point of the remodel, purchased and on hand for the plumber! Don’t make impulsive decisions that are this important to your every day lifestyle!

4. ASK QUESTIONS and follow your heart to get answers from EXPERTS. Remember that the BIG BOX stores do not hire experts in their departments and do not have the same QUALITY products! You need to visit the resources that Designers recommend! You will be a Happy Camper with your options and decisions….believe me.

5. AND if you are really planning to “take it up a notch or two”, visiting the plumbing showroom with experts is a MUST before you get started. It’s incredible to see what kind of water flow you might desire or the spa like experience that you would like in your shower! The show and tell appointment is worth the time for you to make personal decisions about your shower!

If you are starting with your shower decisions in a remodel or building project that means “starting from scratch”, #3 – #5 would still apply!

We love our RAINHEAD shower, and Noah has one in his shower, too……It mimics rain falling on your head rather than a forceful piercing shower experience. What are you “looking for” in your shower experience? Don’t get frustrated, HELP is here!


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