It’s All a BUZZ – the HEART of the Home!

Back by popular demand and with a twist, it is an opportunity that YOU want to participate in, believe me! Whether you are remodeling, recycling or renewing your interior in some way, this is a great way to be involved in the HEART of the HOME!

My friend, Debbie, and I have designed an event that will be so valuable to you and your home. We are back in the Kitchen again, at Viking! Even if you have a nice Kitchen and don’t plan to renovate any time soon, there is more personal information and extras wrapped up in this one event with a great panel of experts that touch on design and info that goes beyond the Kitchen walls….because the Kitchen is the Heart of the HOME. It touches all other areas of your home in a major way….. The Kitchen is about so much more than a work triangle, it’s about the HUB, the communication network, the place that makes the rest of the house function correctly, essentially….

It’s important that the design reflect that Heartbeat of YOUR home!

Our panel of experts is sharing great information that will benefit you, helpful hints that take your home to energy saving avenues, design tips that you will appreciate, value that will add to your investment, cooking appreciation and tips that you will enjoy, and good recipes to add to your repertoire.

Viking’s Chef Jared will be featured in the Theater Kitchen with providing you a scrumptious lunch as part of your ticket price as well! AND the door prizes and take home goodies are phenomenal including a granite counter top for your home! What a wonderful package that can be yours with your ticket reservation and if you bring a FRIEND, you get an additional discount for you and your friend!

Or find out more information here:

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