Sofas May Be an Endangered Species!

This large Living Area needed a sofa for volume, balance and seating along with 4 other chairs that are part of the conversation area.

Why do you need a sofa?  Have you ever noticed that 3 people hate to sit on a sofa?  Even 2 people don’t like to sit on a sofa.  Most people will chose a chair over a spot on the sofa any day.  The choice has to do with personal space and not wanting to sit next to someone, so intimately, and with no arm support.

Is that why the “loveseat” was named?  It’s a 2 seater sofa, basically and is designed for 2 people to be “intimately” seated….hence, the name.  And it’s also a smaller version, which is sometimes needed in floor plans, instead of a full sized sofa.

Why do you need a sofa?  Do you or someone in the family like to lay on the sofa to watch TV or take a nap?  That’s the major reason that people like to incorporate a sofa into their family living area!  So, if that’s the real reason, then you surely must have a good sofa that fits your size, when you recline.

This interior Family Room had 4 chairs - 2 pair - circling the cocktail table with the Fireplace as a focal point. The Sun Room is to the rear of the fireplace, with a Loveseat and several chairs to accommodate watching TV in a very informal space.

Why do you need a sofa?  Your answer could be that you need additional sleeping space in the room.  It could be that you need a sofa-sleeper to help with guests or grandchildren spending the night or for the kids’ “sleep overs”.  IF you do need the sofa for this reason, make sure it’s a comfortable one because sleeper sofas can be quite UNcomfortable if the cushions aren’t adequate with the “sleeper innards”.

Why do you need a sofa?  I am using less and less sofas in space planning and more and more chairs in groupings to create intimate conversation areas.  I personally love the chair groupings better for our needs – in my Roswell home as well as in my present home – with pairs of chairs.  When I have used this grouping with several clients, they LOVE the results too!

 Why do you need a sofa?  Visiting some friends recently, he remarked that they had 4 sofas in their house. Funny thing, they had just moved into a “rental” while going back to school and recently selling their rather sizeable condo.  Newly married, they combined 2 households into one and still made it work in this cute little rental ranch home.  A small sofa was in the back entry, a large sofa was in the “multi purpose” room, and the sectional was in the Family Room (incorporating 2 sofas) with different fabrics & looks – and very few chairs.  You didn’t even get overwhelmed with Sofa-itus – it looked nice!

SO, it is a very personal decision to have a sofa.  It’s up to YOUR NEEDS!


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