Can’t Take the Heat!

Are you looking for something to do INSIDE in the nice cool temperatures of your home? 

Have you thought about dusting off the old and adding a little new?

Do you feel like there’s so much to do and you don’t know quite where to start?

Have you really thought about the fact that Christmas is just 4 months away?  Will you be ready for your guests arriving for a Christmas Open House or a major celebration or a Family Gathering?

In the Dog Days of Summer, it’s a good time to gather your inspirations for your interiors and set them in motion. 

  1. Set a plan and a goal.  It’s always good to have some kind of deadline in mind, whether it’s a Christmas gathering, a baby shower that you are hosting,  a wedding that will involve lots of people in your home, or by the time you retire?  EVERYONE has a different plan and goal in mind!  THAT is why the HOLIDAYS are always a major goal for many of us – and it’s only 3 months until Thanksgiving!  YIKES!  If you have a decorating project with this kind of deadline and goal in mind, we need to get started NOW. 

  2. Prioritize.  I often tell clients that if you prioritize and take it a “chunk” at a time, you can see results easier.  If you don’t see results and satisfaction, you can get frustrated, get off track and not meet your deadline or your goal.  So, is it a room that is your priority, OR the bed coverings in your Master, OR accessories for a particular room, OR Window Treatments that you need for privacy & ambiance OR a new TV “in the plans” and confusion is setting in on placement?  What’s YOUR priority? 

  3. Budget or investment.  Yes, you are investing in your home – or your second home – whether you realize it or not.  The monies that you put into your decorating budget are reflected in your investment.  Each person has a different idea of the investment amount and how to spend it……but it is an investment into your “portfolio” as well as your lifestyle.  It’s VALUABLE!  Make good decisions with your investment in mind….whether it’s for a short term goal or for a long lasting goal.  Everyone’s perception of investment is unique – 

  4. Find your inspiration.  It’s important to set the plan, the goal, the budget, but if you don’t have a clue as to what you want to do, find a good inspiration for yourself.  If you need help, take a look at some good interior magazines, and I do give you permission to tear out the pages that interest you.  Start your file of inspirations and remember to peruse through the kind of magazines, blogs, or books that interest you.  Don’t purchase Architectural Digest if their “look” is out of your price range but if it’s Southern charm, Veranda or Southern Living may be your best resource.  

  5. Don’t take short cuts!  Yes, Pottery Barn, LL Bean and other “home” catalogs are good resources, but you can over do that look too.  A little sprinkled in here and there works nicely but they are in the business to SELL so they show you everything in one room – that’s not decorating!  That’s copying and pasting if you ask me.  Wallpaper books do the same thing….just because they show it papered, you don’t paper everything in sight.   You need to grab nuggets that interest you – that inspire you – and make it work for your interior…and not just go overboard.

From Leave Something to The Imagination by James Swan and "101 Things I Hate About Your House"

If any of your rooms looks something like this, then you need my help!   Sometimes… just need to leave something to the imagination.  Don’t you?


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