Lake Living in YOUR Picture?

Isn’t this serene?  It looks so relaxing and I’m sure these people love the Lake for the beauty, the atmosphere, and the lifestyle with the water…..and the view.
“Living at the Lake” has become more popular in the past decade with many trying to get away from the city life, the traffic, the hectic lifestyles to a more relaxed pace.  I think that attraction started out as more of a “weekend get away”, in the beginning but the trend has grown into a different priority.  There is a move about that has this transition becoming more permanent with the lifestyle calling for a more primary residence rather than just a weekend retreat…..

It’s easy to lose yourself in the boat with the waves lapping around you – if you close your eyes, you can be far, far away from the hustle and bustle. You really can see the troubles and headaches start to fade with the gentle sound of fish jumping, the hawks crying out overhead, and the view is one that just takes your breath away – any time of the year! Fishermen long for it, the boaters thrive on it, kids love it, and you can be there in less than an hour to just a couple of hours, if you live in the Metro Atlanta area…..

People don’t want to leave this serene location, once they have found this oasis…

The lifestyle collage can range from simple to sophisticated and so do the homes there.  AND it differs somewhat from one lake to another as well.  Some homes started as fishing shacks and others started as grand homes and there’s everything in between, depending on whether you buy in a planned community or a seasoned house plan that dates back several decades.  There may just be a beautiful lot, still in the rough and not yet developed …..but there is a niche for anyone at the Lake – it depends on YOU and what you are looking for!

Your view may include a guest house at your back door as well.  AND what if your lake side view also included the mountains?  WOW, a “ 2 Fer”!
Most lake houses have a beautiful view of the lake with lots of windows to enjoy that lakefront property – usually to the rear with a lot of natural landscape between the house and the lake, and a dock with a boat anchored there awaiting your return.  Or a grand deck or rocking chair back porch to give you the serenity and the view with an outdoor feel.
What is your Lake Living all about? Have you defined your retreat?  Is it a weekender oasis or your DREAM HOME?   I would love to sit on your swing or rock on your porch with you while we map out your plans for a great New Lifestyle for you and your family!




A character home nestled in the trees….A Craftsman type home with simple details….

A Craftsman type home with simple details….

A comfortable little cabin with a beautiful view…..


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