Let’s Make it Personal!

 Do you have great family photos that you want to display?  Are some of them in photo frames?  Do you have all different types and sizes? Are you interested in hanging your memories?  Are you interested in the table topper variety?  Is there a portrait to consider?
Sometimes, such a simple part of the interior can be difficult.  I usually think of dividing this into groups or sections to make better organization for you.


  1. If you have some great OLD photos that are in black and white or a sepia tone, this could be a group of photos to focus on to use together.  I like the idea of really telling a story with this montage.  Keeping similar frames with their character, not necessarily in finish, creates the look.  And hanging these together or grouping these together really work well together.
  2. Color photos grouped together give you the color palette and sometimes require a different type of frame – sometimes even whimsical and sometimes very neutral.  It depends on the subject matter as to the frame choice.  And color photos in special frames could also be scattered around to add the character pieces to your interiors in easel type frames on table tops and in bookshelves.
  3. Favorite places and vacation memories sometime work in the table top or book shelf locations but I’m not a fan of enlarging them for a prime piece of art or a focal point.  Let’s leave those spaces for Artwork. Yes, photography can be artwork, if done well.  Now, if it’s a print, a watercolor, a canvas or an oil, that’s a different situation altogether and it can sometime find merit in those focal point areas.

    A portrait can be casual or formal. This casual watercolor is all about the Little League Baseball team, The Rangers, and hangs at the bottom of the stairway to his upstairs bedroom. It also hosts a portrait light for additional lighting, if needed.

  4. Portraits need special locations and they usually work best in transition areas in your interiors, and not used for artwork.  I love to see portraits, whether oil or watercolor or charcoal, in Foyers, Hallways, Entry Areas, or Master Bedrooms.  But, that’s a RULE of thumb, and it can be broken. (In fact my mother was determined to hang our portraits in her Living Room.)
  5. Really, a montage of family photos work better in a transition area where they can also be appreciated, on a back stairway, or in a hallway or niche that is well lighted.  Hanging these appropriately can sometimes be a challenge!

I have found a new resource, that could be a good avenue for the DIY person in you.  Check it out for hanging groups of pictures…..

Another design tip that you need to remember:  In hanging these special family photos, remember your lighting!  If you have a dark hallway, with poor lighting, and your pictures are hung with care with great you can not appreciate the content of your gallery.  A change in a lighting fixture is a simple task! AND you may just need to change out a bulb or clean a globe, to make the difference.  Every light fixture has a maximum wattage allowed, so check this info out before you change a 60 watt to a 100 watt.  PLUS a clear bulb gives better light than a frosted bulb! It could be dangerous to make an assumption with your bulbs – so read carefully the suggested bulb size!


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