5 Tips to Layer the Bedroom in Comfort & Design!

When thinking about your bedrooms, for your guests, for yourself, for your children, consider starting with layers to make the focal point really work for you…. 

1. Consider the bed frame, first! It’s an important part of the room…..and if your bed is not comfy, then it’s all lost. 

The size of your bed is important to the room – FRAME it to work appropriately! If your bedroom is large, a KING size works better than a QUEEN size – so that you don’t get that “postage stamp” look. 

AND the headboard is so important to create the “look and feel” of the room. Perhaps, an upholstered headboard could be your best choice if you like to read in bed or if you have a lot of “wood pieces” in the room, and you need character, texture, and an awesome fabric to create interest with your focal point! A four poster bed is an awesome character piece, with so many options now, if your bedroom can handle the magnificent scale of this look. 

A lot of “tall people” don’t like footboards or need the footboard to be low, so there are no restrictions in their sleeping habits. Another consideration to the choice of your bed is the mattress itself! Is it a sleep number mattress set? Your traditional mattress set? With pillow top or extra thick? The height of your mattress at the comfort level too? ALL OF THESE variables can weigh heavily on your choices in linens and bed coverings! 

2. Now, how do you address the bed with your bed coverings? Start with the personal linens! 

Don’t short change yourself with the comfort and luxury of the bed by taking a short cut here. Be sure to buy nice sheets, with high thread counts if that’s what appeals to you. I think it’s important to “feel” the linens before you purchase, to make sure they have a good hand to them, because you are spending every night wrapped in these linens! AND color coordinate them to work with your bed coverings as well. 

I like a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and then some kind of cotton blanket that works for Summer time or Winter time. You can always add a heavier blanket, if you need to, for layering on warmth, if you are “cold natured” or in the colder months of the year. 

Everyone has a personal temperature that’s in the “comfort level” that needs to be remembered, so that you are addressing some of your personal needs. If it’s a Guest Bedroom, you may want to offer additional blankets, for a layering effect, if they enjoy more warmth at night. AND give them the option! 

3. Bed coverings can range from Bedspreads to Duvets to Comforters and Coverlets! What’s your choice? 

I like to consider “making the bed” as part of the decision here with clients. Who wants to have bed coverings that are beautiful, yet stay in a rolled up mess at the “foot of the bed”, because they are too much trouble! Do you want a thick duvet, that gives you comfort but is not heavy? Do you want a light weight matelasse that adds texture, design and interest? Do you want a pillow tuck or just a coverlet. Everyone has different needs and desires where this decision is concerned. 

ALSO, a bed skirt can really add some pizzazz as well as a clean look to a room. AND they can also hide a multitude of sins, underneath, if you need the under bed storage option. There are several ways to keep it simple, but add character here, for sure, but the more tailored look is the trend with a simple pleat used for emphasis on corners and at centers. 

I have found that the lighter weight choices for the bed covering, is the most desirable for “turning down the bed” at night and for “making it up” in the morning. Likewise, pillows are wonderful to get the “look” but again, keep it simple. Euro Pillows are a great way to start at the headboard and then layer forward but don’t get too out of control with the number! These pillows are nice additions to create that character …. 

ALL of these accessories need a place to go “at night” while you are in it! 

4. Create a location for your pillows and coverings to rest! 

Why not add a decorative bench at the end of the bed? It adds a little interest, provides you a place to sit and tie your tennis shoes, and it can be a great storage location for your pillows and your folded “bed coverings”at night! I really don’t know what I would do without mine, so I speak from experience! Some benches can even have a hinged or removable top to “conceal” extra blankets or bed pillows….as needed. 

5. Finally, get creative to give your BED personality! 

I love adding a throw to the bed for some additional “eye candy”. AND you can even rotate your linens to give you a different look in color and feel….you may want to use a more Fall and Spring choice in sheets to change it up a little. You can also change the way you make up the bed, by using a pillow tuck way, or folding it back to be more inviting if you have some fabulous sheets that can “stand on their own”. The luxury hotels often turn back your bed to give you that comfortable and inviting message, so why not incorporate that same mentality at home? 

Simply stated and comfortable, but elegant, with some wonderful options.... the duvet is totally reversible, you can turn back the top pillow area for details, pillows are totally reversible for options, and fabric is a Sunbrella fabric that has a luxurious "hand" that will function well with the daily wear (and dog baby, Libby, with an occasional visit)!

AWH Photo: Pillows detail this elegant and romantic soft green, silk fabric in the bed covering. There is a "storage bench" at the foot board of this four poster bed too, that we custom sized to "store the bed pillows" too!


Elegance in neutrals with a bench used at the end of the bed!


JetKat Design Photo: Another great example of using a bench at the foot board and a large detailed bed roll to add emphasis and "eye candy" to the bed!



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