UPDATE and Recreate!

Fall does signal to us that there’s a transition time in our lives that we need to “listen to” and “focus on” because once the official FALL arrives on the calendar, the colors start to change, our wardrobes transition, our mentality shifts and the Holidays aren’t far behind.

It’s that time of the year…..ARE YOU READY?

Sometimes we look at the BIG picture and get a little overwhelmed.  Could  this be YOU?  With a little guidance, you can see that sometimes the BIG picture is really more of an Update opportunity that you should take advantage of…. and make those changes that add impact to your interiors without “reinventing the wheel”!  Then, it’s not quite so BIG and overwhelming….and with Updates, you can see results and change, right before your eyes…..

Maybe THAT is what FALL is telling us.  

Don’t you add to your wardrobe with new accessories?  Grab a fabulous new jacket that makes last year’s black pants look like a new outfit?  Or a new purse that adds the perfect finishing touch?  Invest in the “perfect” jewelry that pulls it all together to get “that attention” that you are looking for?  AND finding that great pair of shoes – comfortable and looking fabulous – really gets you feeling like you can conquer the world….


YOU don’t buy a skirt that’s too tight, in hopes that you’ll lose weight….you find the best “cut or work with the lines” that fit your shape.  Just like in our wardrobes, we look for “what works for YOU and your needs”!


Holly S. Hess Photography

I had the pleasure of viewing some of my recent design projects (and revisited some that have had recent updates too) through the camera’s eyes this past week.  My new budding photographer friend, Holly Hess, and I went on an incredible journey to update some of my clients’ beautiful interiors.  The journey has just started….and I look forward to more opportunities to share with you…and with my clients!


”I love your new chandelier….where did you get it?”  (SHH!  Don’t tell them it’s not new!)  When in actuality, the chandelier may not be so new, it’s the wall color and the window treatments, that are new and the OLD chandelier looks new because you see it with an updated and new perspective all around.  Funny how that works,, huh?

Now the table and chairs fit the surroundings -new wall color and faux texture, fabulous window treatments, and custom designed pillows add to the "new look" of this Kitchen update. Holly S. Hess Photography

“Wow, I love your new table and chairs, where did you find something like that?” may be the exclamation, but it may just be that it’s the old table and chairs, with a new “fabulous” finish that complement each other, a new look, new fabrics, new window treatment and wall color that accompanies it.  The table and chairs can be fabulous, and quite functional, if you handle the transformation properly…..

AND you also can see what a FEW MAJOR UPDATES and changes can do to get your attention.  THIS is a Kitchen that was designed with finishing touches and photographed in 2005, and with new countertops, back splash details, and stainless steel additions, the Kitchen took a giant step from wonderful to “drop dead gorgeous”!

Enjoy the FALL….the season of change and enjoy your updates that will get you the results that you are looking for!


AFTER the updates....

To view more pictures from this article, please visit Cumby’s Interiors at:



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