A Day at THE WORKS- part 1

Do you want the ultimate closet filled with storage ideas that suit your lifestyle?

The cabinetry and storage ideas are so clever!

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  • Who wants to see the ugly ironing board?  There are many solutions and here’s one that you’ll love!

  • Do you have a dead corner that  you need to take advantage of?  Are shoes “your thing” or hanging space a must?

  • LOVE this idea for hanging pants in your closet – and a great use of space, too!

  • With the jewelry we wear these days, just a jewelry box won’t suffice to hold all of our great accessorizing pieces…..CHECK this drawer unit out, to sort and organize your jewelry just the way you want it, with as many drawers as you need.  LOVE it!

  • AND do you need an extra stacking washer and dryer in your Master Bedroom area?

The Works is located in Roswell, GA and is owned by Bette Raburn.

One Response to “A Day at THE WORKS- part 1”
  1. jeanette says:

    These are cool! I love those jewelry boxes. Way better than those plastic things I used to sell in a previous job.
    The spiral hanger is interesting too – Great place to put those clothing items that you don’t wear very often.

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