NO Tricks, Just Treats!

How far do you go with Halloween decorating and parties at your house?  I am amazed at how much decorating is done for this popular “children’s candy opportunity” for Trick or Treats….or is it just for children any more?  Has the decorating migrated to more than Halloween and more into FALL decorating?  It’s a divided audience with people really INTO the decorating or with people where there is NO decorating at all….

Where do you “Fall” into this decorating category?  Do you like your decorations clean and neat?  I know people that can’t go through the FALL without the corn stalks and pumpkins at their door….is this YOU?   And I know a few families that have pumpkin carving contests in their family for part of the Halloween festivities….and I have to confess, that all of my Jack o Lanterns are “prefab” and not the messy way.  Am I not into the decorating frenzy appropriately?  Am I a wimp with my decorating?

Are you having a party in conjunction with October 31st?  You can be very clever with your October events, your school party treats, and your family traditions….  Have you taken a look?
THESE are a cute Halloween rendition of the very popular Rice Krispy TREATS…..for your party!

AND what about your table?  Are you going to stay with the popular vampire theme? Or another goulish and popular theme….?  Or maybe just be a FALL treat that’s a centerpiece too?

Unbelievably country chic with a Halloween twist….

Or do you just address your front door and front porch with Halloween Jack o Lanterns and TREATS?

I have discovered that most people are far more into the FALL decorating than I am.  I enjoy it at someone else’s home but I guess that I never had this kind of TIME to invest into the decorating for Halloween, but I do enjoy looking at it more than decorating for this time of year!  My biggest issue personally, is that I want an easy clean up and some of these ideas are a major job in decorating and clean up.  AND I go a little “over the top” for my Christmas decorating that falls so close behind…..

I found this cute idea…and I just LOVE IT!  From the blog, Thrifty Décor Chick, she has the right idea, let me tell ya!  I wish that I had some of these cute decorations for my stairway!  NOW, this appeals to me, big time!  She even used LED lights, not real votives, for safety purposes.  AND it’s nice and neat without major clean up involved!  I would love to include some black cats into mine, too…..

BUT, here again, I’ve proven my point in that everyone has a different  idea of Halloween and FALL decorating just like in our homes for everyday living!  THANK GOODNESS!

I hope you enjoy your TRICKS and TREATS this Halloween and get some ideas for next year too!  Happy FALL and Happy HALLOWEEN!

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