Would you like a major library in your bookshelves?  Maybe, many editions of Who’s Who?   Or perhaps Charles Dickens collection?
WELL, these are FAUX Books, that you can use in your   library to fill the shelves and impress your guests. Wow, a real knowledge of wine could do just that!  Or    maybe Art Journals in a collection….

And it’s not just about lining your shelves with great masterpieces.  You can use more modern books, or even paper books for a less formal need.  It’s also about filling shelves with volumes that might be unaffordable, if you have lots of shelves and not many books available to make that impression.  OR you may need a certain color theme to add “the look” to your library.
AND what about the architectural secrets that you’ve seen on the “silver screen”,that could work for you in your home…what do you need to conceal or hide from public view?  Maybe a secret passage to the attic, the jewelry safe, the ugly media collection, the unwanted gifts that you can’t bear to give away, the paperwork that needs to be tucked away from wandering eyes….? and the list goes on for your particular needs.  It could be the cupboard that you are missing in your home that can be achieved easily…    Isn’t this a clever idea?
AND you can really have fun adding in some of your REAL books to really make people wonder and make it even more believable….

And of course, there are the book boxes, that can easily conceal jewelry, an important document, money, or other treasured items….and can be added into the book shelf without any one knowing that it’s a secret box!
The world of FAUX adds more dimension to your interiors at home with disguise quite effectively.  However, I’m sure that a lot of you have many well read books on your shelves that can be used successfully in your decorating, too.  I LOVE TO READ and USE BOOKS in accessorizing….  I think it speaks to your character!
For more information, visit to see more information regarding this decorating tool.

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