Designing and Defining Your Thanksgiving Table

What is your THANKSGIVING Dinner all about in your home?  Are you looking for some ideas to take your Table decorating up a notch or two?  Do you set a traditional table or go with casual elegance?
Get your children or grandchildren involved to make Turkeys for your place cards, using a pinecone, some berries and nuts and some craft supplies….with a little glue!
Or your place card could be a simple as a craft cut leaf with the place card tied to a colorful piece of fruit….   A simple idea with a lot of personality!
Centerpieces can be incorporated to the place setting with your ideas….that fit your gathering for Thanksgiving Dinner.
OR use colorful gourds, berries, vegetables and fruits to add color to your centerpiece bowl!   Using what you have on hand is a reat way to add some punch to your table…
And you can make use of your pumpkin!  AND even add nature’s elements….pinecones, colorful leaves, feathers….
Or if you are going COASTAL for Thanksgiving, you might take a little turn on the centerpiece…
Coastal Living, Photographed by Charles Walton IV
In a recent excursion to Monroe, GA, I stumbled on a place called The Cotton Depot filled with “Antiques, Collectibles and Vintage Goods”.  It was filled with great treasures that could be incorporated into your Thanksgiving decorations….too.
Click this to see the images: Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving to You and Your Family and enjoy your Thanksgiving TABLE!

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