CANDLES Can be Cool!

Have you noticed that when the weather starts to get a little cooler, the candles get a little more popular in our homes? That could be because we spend a little more time indoors in the cooler months and we enjoy changing our looks with the change of seasons.  AND it could mean that candles add a certain element of design and ambience, that can be a great way to personalize your home with an extra special character point in accessorizing!
Choices for candles range from simple to “over the top”! AND it’s not just about the candle….it’s a story that it tells.  Is it part of an arrangement?  Do you like candles in a pair or an assortment?  Do you like them simple and elegant?  Or does it glow when lit?  Is it skinny and tall or a pillar shape?  What kind of candle is it?  Plain or scented?  In exploring this avenue, I found a plethora of choices….and I know that candles are very COOL, even though they are HOT!
Simply stated, candles can bring a lot to mind through a visual assortment that I have shared here…….from celebrations to aromas to just plain fun!
Simple elegance that can be interpreted with the details…
Still Simple……with a different personality….clean and crisp with smaller pillars and votives…
Elegance can be interpreted in many ways too…
More simple solutions with candles and accessorizing…..where the punch is in the HOLDER instead of the candles….  It’s the interpretation of the candle!

If you are trying to get more than just the personality of  your candle accomplished…you  might find a few unique candles to ponder over.

Can you just smell these? THESE would certainly set the stage for an event at your house or maybe use for a staging idea to “sell” your home with a Just baked aroma in the Kitchen!
These candles make you think of the Holidays….Christmas floating candies and Thanksgiving gourds….
And how about flameless….and very safe for your decorating needs!  THIS is a great idea for your Holiday decorating! 
Another cute idea for the kitchen island or for a Breakfast Table centerpiece!  You can really have lots of fun with candles in your interior!

I can see that this covers a lot of territory and is worthy of more than one post….so be on the lookout for more finds in the future!


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