The message is clear….DREAM….Believe….Imagine….Design….yes, there are ottomans for everyone’s needs.  I LOVE ottomans and they can be the perfect solution for many needs!
An ottoman is a piece of furniture consisting of a padded seat without arms or a back, but oftenused as a stool.  It can also be used in other ways….
AND the ottomanhas made some transformation over the years, from the traditional “footstool” idea to many functions that fit our needs….Ottomans can come in different shapes and sizes
Are you looking for a particular need?  This ottoman tucks into the chair for a footstool nicely and the added details of the fringe, really adds to the traditional look.   Handsome, simple, and elegant….
Do you like tufting? These ottomans have 2 different looks with 2 different variations on shapes, yet tufted to give you that additional detail and more of a structured seating area that can also be used as a cocktail table top…

A new size and shape with a transitional look….oval!

A very cool shaped ottoman with some significant size, and with it not being tufted, the design gives a contemporary detail to this ottoman….

AND a smaller version of the ottoman can also be used in the conversation area for a table topper, too. Using a tray really helps the balance nicely….
OR do you need a nice storage ottoman that can work for you with double duty?  HINT:  Storage Ottomans can also be large enough to use for pillow storage at the foot of the bed!
AND smaller ottomans can have their own personality, just like the larger ones….shapes, sizes, personality, character!  Ottomans ROCK and sometimes ROLL, by adding casters to your design!
Do you like LEGS?  Legs can add the design details as well with the style, the finish, and the look!

If you like smaller ottomans with their personality, why not use 2?  I have used 2 ottomans in front of a sofa, in front of a fireplace for an extra seating opportunity, and at the end of the bed at the footboard area!  AND they can tuck under larger pieces of furniture too….

Photo by JetKat Design

AND these create a whole new look with the rattan “touch” for your interiors, and can even be a storage opportunity as well….in different sizes and shapes!

AND there are ottomans that provide storage with a different mentality….a shelf!  You can use the shelf for decorative purposes or use it for your magazine shelf, your cocktail table books storage, or even combine your books with some decorative pieces!
How much fun to find the ottoman that fits your personality, your needs, and your desires….
Remember, that the possibilities are endless….if you can’t find it, it can be custom made just for YOU!

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