The BEACH called our name for Thanksgiving!
You might think, that’s an odd time to head to the beach….but we LOVE it there around the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.  It’s a lot more “low key”, a lot less crowded, friendly and familiar faces are everywhere (they do the same), and more comfortable temperatures make the outdoors just wonderful!
We have a town house in Cape San Blas, Florida.  It’s on the Gulf and nestled on “the Forgotten Coast” between Panama City Beach and Appalachicola.  We discovered this wonderful area almost 10 years ago and we have turned the Thanksgiving break into a traditional visit.
So, in an effort to share a little bit about our Thanksgiving, I’ve given you just a little sneak peak into the sights of a day at the beach this time of year.  It’s our way of cleansing, just before the HOLIDAYS officially begin!
AND we are very THANKFUL that we have this place to give us the “recharging station” to our batteries!
I will share more beach moments with you again, I’m sure….but for now, enjoy!  AND if you are interested in visiting this lovely place, let me know.  We do rent out our town house!

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