You’ve Made Your Bed, Now YOU have to lie in IT!

We make a lot of fuss over what “everyone sees” on the bed, but don’t forget about what’s underneath the fabulous bed coverings!  Because, the comfort level here is VERY important!
MEASURE your bed to make sure what size bed sheets you need and if you need extra deep pockets for extra deep mattress sets!  Most fitted sheets list this quality and it’s necessary to know this before purchasing!  Fitted sheets that don’t fit and have to be stretched too tightly usually come off during the night and is a major aggravation!
THREAD COUNT is the number of threads per square inch that runs horizontally and vertically.  The higher the thread count the softer hand and durability to the sheet.  So, if you want super softness in your sheets and the best durability, the high thread count is for you!
FABRIC CONTENT pertains to the durability and softness too and makes a difference in your selection.  READ YOUR LABELS.  100% cotton, Egyptian cotton, and other cottons breathe well, are natural fibers and are very soft and durable.  If you add in synthetics, it adds the “wrinkle resistant” quality to the fabric. Bamboo and silk sheets are other natural solutions and silk is the best for the hypo allergenic qualities and have a nice softness and durability, but silk can also be expensive to maintain with dry cleaning recommended.  Silk sheets can also be a great solution for regulating body temperatures during the night.
Now, I have a treat for you.  I have located a great resource for affordable bedding that gives you the luxurious comfort that you desire….
Remember you spend a lot of time in your lifetime sleeping and you need to rest with your comfortable selections on your bed…. You deserve it!
For great choices in sheet sets check out the selections at GREAT PRICES from Cumby’s Interiors Marketplace!


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