Are You Decorating with A Southern Tradition?

Signs of the Season

What is your tradition for Christmas decorating with your home?  Do you get a head start before Thanksgiving or wait until the weekend after?  I know a lot of people hate that Christmas decorations go up before Thanksgiving, but I’m on the “other side” and I love decorating for Christmas and it doesn’t bother me at all.  My feeling is that you need to take the time and enjoy it – you go to a lot of trouble with your decorating – don’t you!
I believe that the Christmas decorations certainly put us all in the “spirit” of the season!  For me, these days of preparation, add a jingle to your every step with the festive lights and trees!  Singing and practicing Christmas music since this summer (for people in choirs every where), we are in preparation for the season long before others, so maybe that’s part of my mentality… because I’ve been humming Christmas Carols for a while. So, when Thanksgiving introduces the Holiday Season, it’s an extra reminder to me and others that it’s time to “Deck the Halls”!
With everyone’s interpretation of the Christmas decorations, I feel like one big Southern Tradition is about the “greens” (and the treats from the Kitchen which will be blog post soon).  AND I may be wrong, and please correct me if I am, but the hanging of the greens are a tradition that I see in our area, on the inside and out that really speak to me that seems to be very Southern!  Maybe it’s about the spacious front porches and taking it to the next step with enhancing that wonderful entrance to your home….for those curbside views.
….the creativity begins….

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