Santa’s Helpers

Signs of the Season

Santa’s Helpers come in all sizes, shapes, and personalities.  Don’t they?  The Elves are a big part of Christmas too, if you ask me….and the movie “Elf” showed us that perspective a few years ago!
A very interesting compliment to Santa, is the collection of Elves, that was started for me by my mom. She has a very good friend, “Miss Judy”, who made wonderful crafts of all kinds, and Elves were her specialty!  I have about a dozen, all different in character and personality, much like “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, with some climbing ladders, a few propped up on accessories and books, one riding a tricycle, and a couple hanging on the window sill! THEY are everywhere!
I was just in several homes, recently, enjoying their Christmas traditions and additions to their decorating….and I was in awe with some of their collections, too….including Elves

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