Your Child’s Artwork

Do you have children who are artistically talented and offer up some contributions to your interior?
I happen to feel like my children are more talented with their abilities than I am (I guess all parents believe that, too).  Natalie has recently returned to her artwork with a new look….and I thought I would share some of where she started and where she is currently with her “artistic flair”. 

The Ballerina is for Reese, my granddaughter, who has a major fondness for tu tus!

The urn was a product of a still life art class she took when she was in the 8th grade.

The ceramic urn on the left has proudly displayed in an antique cabinet.....made in art class.

The "Wooster" is a very recent Birthday gift that is hung in the Kitchen! He's handsome, don't you think?

The Indian head dress was painted and given to her dad.  He loves the Native American art pieces.


The butterfly is about her free artistic spirit, I think….

The musical interpretation is a gift to my mom, her grandmother. 
I know every one has a “handprint” in their artwork    favs collection!  I have 2 ofthem with Natalie’s currently  displayed in the Kitchen built ins and Noah’s is in his room on his book shelves.  Buy an easel and use “this classic” as a decorative accessory in your home (appropriately placed, of course)!

Some of Natalie's first tastes into artwork.... The HAND!

Recently, Noah took art in school for a semester from a new and creative art teacher in school.  The teacher displayed some of their “best” at Fine Arts Night.  We waltzed into the hallway to view the artwork prior to the band concert and to my amazement, I was very impressed with many of the artwork pieces.  There were pottery pieces and still life interpretations with pastels.  And WE were blown away with one in particular when I made a comment about how good I thought it was, then looked at the name displayed below.  It was Noah’s!  WOW, he has talent, too!

The Still Life is on a black background with primary colors - fabulous to be hung on my red Kitchen walls!

After I have it framed, it will hang in my Kitchen – I already have the perfect spot in mind!
Our other boy children (all grown now) have artistic talent too.  Barry even designed Natalie’s thank you notes that she sent following her wedding (about 9 years ago when he was a Senior in High School)….The note was a caricature of Natalie and Ed as bride and groom, in pen and ink.  What a cool idea!
It really inspires me to take some art classes and pursue my thirst to develop my artistic talents again, too!

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