1.1.11 It’s a New Year

It’s a NEW YEAR with old superstitions still on my mind!

If you are a Southerner, you know that New Years menus are important to starting the New Year off with a BANG!

Busy cooking today…. 

You must have “greens” – collards, turnips, spinach, cabbage –  a must for lots of MONEY in your New Year.

I chose collard greens and made my favorite Grits and Greens Casserole….filled with yummy cheese and good ole’ fashioned grits!

Cooking the collards for my New Years casserole…. 
Grits are done and ready for the collard greens…. 

AND You must have black-eyed peas to give you good luck in the New Year.

Bacon – part of the necessary components for the good luck and money superstitions…. 

AND you must include the ham hock or the fatback or the pork in some way, too…. so I usually use bacon in my recipes….  fortunately these recipes called for bacon too!

Scrumptious simmering soup with cabbage, zucchini, and of course, black-eyed peas…. 

THESE recipes hit it outa the park this year!

Grits and Greens Casserole accompanied by Cornbread 

and the soup is topped off with a spoonful of sour cream….

Yummy to the tummy! 

AND as instructed, a dime was added to the soup mixture for extra GOOD LUCK!  The person who scoops up the dime in their soup, gets the extra special portion of luck for the year….



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