Winter Wonderland!

Hi, my name is Crystal Dalton and I am in my junior year at the University of Georgia studying interior design. Originally, I am from Marietta, GA but in the past three years, I have found my home in Athens. I love the people, the places, and everything about the town itself! Through being here, I have also fallen in love with design. I feel that my eyes have truly been opened to a whole new world; I had no earthly idea just how much design influences day to day functions until I was immersed in school homework and projects up to my eyeballs! But, it really is SO COOL! Hopefully reading my blog posts you will taste and see that design goes beyond just finishes like paint colors and accessories, and that it affects the core of who we are.
This winter after completing finals I had the opportunity to go skiing with some of my friends. It was my first time going out west, and I was completely blown away! Immediately, I feel in love with the little town of Breckenridge, Colorado.

View from my friends room.

Ski lodge where we stayed.

Nestled at the base of the towering, snow covered mountains; it was your quintessential mountain town. All of the lodges and ski shops were designated with a thick, rustic, natural lumber look. This made them very warm and inviting and helped them to fit in perfectly with the geographical surrounding. The inches and inches of snow that collected on the wooden frames just created even better ambience.
Downtown Breckenridge was even more of an incredible sight because every single shop and restaurant that lined the street looked like they were straight out of a Dickens Christmas Village. They buildings were simple quaint two story buildings, but each one was decked out in Christmas lights, green garlands, red bows, and various other Christmas decorations. I have never seen a place so uniformly decorated for the holidays. It was so magical! To make things even better was the blanket of white snow on the ground that was everywhere you looked! It was my perfect winter wonderland!


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