A Child’s Room

Recently, I had a friend and mother of two boys, ask me for an idea on bedroom themes for her “boys room”.  These 2 share a room and are both in Middle School, with similar tastes and they need a “new look” with some updating in their room.

This sets the tone for this little bit of advice that I would like to share with all of you…..

When decorating a child’s room, I prefer not to think of it as a theme always, but a “look”. It’s easier to theme, of course, but it can sometimes become outdated much quicker that way.  If you go with a “look” or thought in mind with their interests, you will find that your updates are fewer and far between.

For example, I decorated an entire bedroom around a fish.  That’s right a FISH – a large mouth bass! The bass was “mounted” because it was a “trophy sized” fish, caught by a 13 yr old and set the tone for the room.  It actually turned into a bedroom that was timeless for more than 10 years, when it turned into a Guest Bedroom with the fabrics and accessories that accompanied it….and to this day, parts of this room are being used in different areas, because the 13 yr old grew up and took the “mounted fish”!  Ha!

Also, a major interest can be amplified easily if it’s more of a color scheme rather than a theme….. a room built around a piece of art works great in your living areas so why not use this inspiration in a child’s room too?

That’s what set the inspiration for this young ladies room…..   We also wanted to make sure that the pieces that were used in the room fit the function and gave her elements that she could take into her adult years.

For example, the daybed that we had custom built has a slip cover on it, that could easily be changed at some point to meet the needs of a college apartment or a guest room or even her child’s room, in the future! It was an investment that adds value to the design of her special room for now and forever…..   The doll cabinet was another piece that was custom designed to meet the needs of her growing Madame Alexander doll collection that will always be a special collection to her.

And remember that your investment in so many of the key pieces in these rooms will be worth the time and effort of making good decisions with the design!

I have excellent news just for you, whether you are building your DREAM home or redecorating the home of your DREAMS, we can create a custom designed interior just for you – uniquely yours, inspired by you -created with your functions, needs and desires as part of the design plans…..right down to the last detail.
Just Call Cumby @ 404 483 4174 or email Cumby@CumbysInteriors.com to schedule your initial consultation!


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