Air Out YOUR Dirty Laundry!

Don’t forget your laundry room and how much time you spend there! Make it an enjoyable experience because YOU deserve it! Take the dead space above the washer and dryer and use it to store and house items that you need access to as well….organize it with smart shelving and hanging space!What is on your priority list for this frequently visited room in your house?I know you have many laundering products and detergents, cleaning supplies and needs, old towels (and diapers) that make good cleaning “rags”, accessories for your washing needs, hanging space for drying, and more!  They need functional space, too!  Now can you take this space and organize it to be more useable?AND you have laundry baskets, hangers, ironing board and iron, and other necessary “pieces of the puzzle” to keep your area useable and functional.  Why not make it a pleasant place to spend time?  Put your finishing touch on the area and your organization will take on a new look!

I can’t tell you how much sense it makes to install an ironing board that folds up, holds the iron, and is “hard wired” into the wall!  There are many on the market to fit your price point and needs!


You can have it “custom designed” or go to your local BIG BOX store and purchase cabinetry to help you add more helpful storage space.

There are options available that are “ready made”, if that works for you, too!


Did you say Laundry SHOOT? Yep, that’s an added bonus to get that laundry organized too…. I LOVE our laundry “chute” that works from our bedroom and from Noah’s bedroom and it gets a workout on a daily basis….I have to pat myself on the back for that one – great idea, Cumby!  Our entire Bedroom area of the house was designed around the laundry shute and the Laundry Room, for my needs!  I hated my Laundry Room, next to my Kitchen in our previous homes!

But, some people prefer the Laundry area close to the Kitchen area.  I don’t want it to be a well kept secret from you, it could be that you just didn’t know that you had the choice…..YES you do!! I think it was a trend with house plans for decades to locate it in the same ole’ location…but you need to make choices and decisions with designs, working for you, especially if you are building or remodeling your home!


MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY with this busy room in the house!  THINK it through for your best results and air out that dirty laundry!

Try my pick for the best laundry detergent for high efficiency washers!

I have excellent news just for you, whether you are building your DREAM home or redecorating the home of your DREAMS, we can create a custom designed interior just for you – uniquely yours, inspired by you -created with your functions, needs and desires as part of the design plans…..right down to the last detail.
Just Call Cumby @ 404 483 4174 or email to schedule your initial consultation!


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