With Super Bowl Sunday approaching and maybe a SUPER BOWL party at your house, do YOU have the right kind of seating for your football viewing? Remember, your upholstered furniture needs to have GOOD DESIGN and GREAT COMFORT for your needs!

So, let’s think about this….. some upholstered pieces are just not going to have the function that you need for your TV area or Theater Room.

Would this be a good option?

Hmmm….a little too stiff, don’t you think?


Or does this look a bit more appropriate?









Maybe a recliner? In a true fan color? THIS won’t work for the teams this year (if only the Falcons could have made it….bummer)

 So, maybe if you’re a Pittsburgh fan, this would be more appropriate color choice on your leather chairs? A Basic Black…almost a “steely” black, don’t you think?

Maybe you have a theater room and plan to watch the BIG GAME with a few of your best buddies? With a few of your favorite beverages in your theater space? 

 If you need a long sofa, to accommodate several in your family room viewing area, this might be the ticket.

Nice looking, simple, comfortable, and neutral…so you are not leaning toward any team affiliations…. (and I love the one cushion sofa option) and it’s leaning into your everyday lifestyle choices, not just for the Super day!

But if you look like this, this kind of setting may not be right for you…..

Ok, back to the party setting here….

Then for some menu help and a few “to die for” recipes, check out these options…It makes me hungry just looking at these pictures on her blog!

GOOD food samplings accompanied with the right beverages make the SUPER BOWL viewing much more fun in your great choices for comfortable seating in your home!

Enjoy the party and the game….make it a SUPER day!


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